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PDF Rasterization library


PDF Rasterization Pilot is a library for displaying and printing PDF documents.


PDF rasterizer as a COM component and a .NET control

PDF Rasterization Pilot is distributed as a COM library and can be used in many programming languages: C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Delphi, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, etc. Also this PDF Rasterization tool provides you with a .NET control for viewing PDF documents.


Features of the PDF rasterizer

PDF Rasterization Pilot allows you to:

◊ Save a PDF document as a multi-page Tiff image;
◊ Save each page of a PDF document in any graphic raster format (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, EMF);
◊ Output a PDF document to device context;
◊ Print a PDF document even if there is no PDF viewer on the system.

These features together enable displaying and printing PDF documents in your applications.


Sample PDF Viewer application on the base of PDF Rasterization Pilot


PDF rasterization with PDF Creator Pilot

PDF rasterization feature is available with the top licenses of PDF Creator Pilot as well.


Download free demo

PDF Rasterization Pilot 1.0.68 (4.2M)
PDF Rasterization Pilot 1.0.68 , x64 edition (3.2M)

This is a Beta version, so not all PDF documents may display properly. We do our best to develop the library, and problems will eventually be solved.

System requirements: Windows XP/2003/Vista. No 3rd party software is required.
Limitation of the demo: notification messages appear into generated PDF documents.


Prices and licenses

◊ Our licenses are royalty-free.
◊ You will need one license per company (not developer or client).
◊ We offer attractive prices for small business teams.

More about the PDF Rasterization Pilot licenses...


Versions history

March 1 2011 :: Version 1.0.68
* now PDF page rotate angle is respected.



Comments are welcome!

◊ Your ideas and comments help us improve this PDF rasterizer and make it easier and more fun to use. All your questions will be answered.
On-line contact form...

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