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How to create on-line fillable PDF form with PDF Maker Pilot


This example will show how to create PDF order form (that you can fill in Adobe Reader or even place on the web-site for online filling) in 7 steps.

1. Install PDF Maker Pilot. (click here to download)

There is an order form in "Example.Txt" file:

Order.txt ordering form

2. Print this form from Notepad to the "PDF Maker Pilot" virtual printer:

Select PDF Maker Pilot and click Print

3. This form will appear in PDF Maker Pilot:

Form appear in PDF Maker Pilot

4. Select "Edit Box" tool to create fillable text field on the form:

Select Text Field tool

5. Create text fields and place them in the form. You can set the default text, too.

Place text field on the form

6. To create checkmarks that can be marked by user, please use "Check Box" tool:

Use "check mark" tool to create interactive checkmarks

7. Place checkmarks in the form and set them to "checked" or "unchecked" state, if needed:

Place check marks on the form


The PDF form is ready to be saved now! Save PDF form by pressing the "Save" button on PDF Maker Pilot's main toolbar:

Use Save button to save the PDF form



We've made "Example.PDF" form that can be filled out in Adobe Reader

Example.PDF form opened in freeware Adobe Reader

and can be filled as an online pdf form using Internet Explorer:
(to try the online pdf form by yourself, click here)

Click image to try online pdf form by yourself

Use text tool to enter fill mode:

Use text tool to fill the form

and fill the form:

Fill the form with your name, company, etc.

Completed pdf form is ready to be printed and mailed

Download Example.Txt file here

To try out online PDF form from this example please click here (example.pdf)


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