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Step by Step:

How to convert HTML page from Internet Explorer to PDF
using PDF Printer Pilot


This page contains a step-by-step tutorial that teaches how to create PDF documents from the web-pages viewed with Internet Explorer, using PDF Printer Pilot.

1) Open web-site or web-page in Internet Explorer browser:

Internet Explorer browser window

2) Go to File menu and select "Print" command:

Internet Explorer main menu

3) Select PDF Printer Pilot in the list of available printers:

Print dialog

4) Preview window will appear. Click Save PDF button to save PDF document:

PDF preview dialog

5) Enter filename for the new PDF document:

Save dialog: select filename for new pdf document

6) PDF Printer Pilot will ask you if you would like to open the newly created PDF document

Confirmation dialog

Click Yes to view your PDF file in Adobe Reader or another installed PDF viewer:

Generated PDF document in Adobe Reader


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