2012 News from Two Pilots

We have released several new products and software updates.

A new .NET version of our PDF2Text Pilot converter has been released. The PDF2Text Pilot program extracts text from PDF documents using the PDF Mosaic library. It is a free software that converts PDF documents into text files. In addition to having a convenient and intuitive interface, the converter has a command line.

Currently, we are testing and preparing to release a new program, Merge&Split PDF, a product for splitting and merging PDF documents. This product also is based on our PDF SDK.

Not long ago we released a new Active-X library for converting HTML files to PDF documents, HTML2PDF-X. HTML2PDF-X uses the WebKit rendering engine to convert HTML to PDF. This product is very useful when you want to save an HTML site (for example, an online version of a newspaper, news feed, etc.) as a PDF document.

In early March, we released the next version of our library for creating and editing PDF files, PDF Creator Pilot. The latest version fixes a few bugs and makes several improvements. See the changelog for details. This PDF library can create, open, merge, or otherwise manipulate PDF files. You can use the PDF library’s commands as well as WinApi functions. PDF security, font embedding, different font charsets, and document compression also are supported.

Also in early March, we released a new version of our virtual printer. Virtual Printer SDK generates output in the form of standard raster or vector formats from your program (or from any other software application meant to produce printed forms). Your application receives the files, and can then perform any final actions (moving files, transferring files, etc.). You should delete files from the output directory when you are finished.

Our company is continuously working to create new products and to improve existing ones. Subscribe to our news to be kept up to date on developments.

Artem Golubnichenko