Restore Damaged Photos in minutes

Retouch Pilot costs now 29.95 EUR only! (Old price – 39.95 EUR)

With Retouch Pilot, you can restore damaged photos in minutes, without having any complex knowledge or skills. Here is our “before” and “after” example:

Restore damaged photos - before and after

It took us about 5 minutes to restore the damaged photo above. It was repaired using the two tools: “Scratch Eraser” and “Smart Patch”:

Restoring damaged photo in Retouch Pilot

Retouch Pilot will show you how to repair photo: just click menu – Demonstration and select an example from the list:

How to start demo examples in Retouch Pilot

See the selected live example and try yourself!

For more information, visit the program page: Retouch Pilot…

How to assign your own sounds to your PC keyboard

If you want to add sounds to your computer keyboard, you can use our software Sound Pilot. The program includes a set of sound schemes that you can change according to your mood. Just right-click the program icon and select “Sound Schemes” from the popup menu:

How to choose sound schemes

Be creative and make your own keyboard sounds

However, you can create your own sound scheme using your own sounds. For this purpose, you need:

  • Sounds in .WAV format;
  • Simple text description file that tells Sound Pilot to which keys should your sounds correspond.

Collect your own sounds

There are many possibilities to collect sound effects. If you are good in recording, you can record voice or use electronic piano and other music instruments for creating sound effects.

Alternatively, you can use free sound archives to collect sounds. For example: or

Then you should eventually edit the downloaded sounds (for example, to get the appropriate length) and save them as .wav. You will need an audio editor program, for example Audacity which is completely free.

Assign your sounds to your Keyboard

Now, you should tell Sound Pilot to which keys should your sounds correspond. Sound Pilot has already a text template file that you can use as a base for your own sound scheme. For further information, please visit our page: How to create sound schemes for Sound Pilot.

– Sound Pilot main page –

OrgPilot – manage all your texts in one place!

With our new program OrgPilot, you can manage all your texts in one place. It lets you keep your templates, lists, technical documentation, etc. within touch. You can easily search and retrieve your texts.

OrgPilot applying area

For whom can OrgPilot be useful?

  • For technical support department in each company, preferably company of a small or middle size, also for translation centers or for an individual translator to create dictionary or phrases translations, for accountants to easily store and fast retrieve their templates, invoices etc.
  • For managers that have a lot of accounts, logins or passwords.
  • For programmers that want to create their technical documents and to reduce the number of HTML codes for example written by hand every time.
  • For individuals, readers, book lovers, scientists that want to enumerate all the books that they have in their home libraries and maybe to add their description to them!

For more infomation, visit the program page:

Perspective Pilot: Four-point perspective correction tool

Users of Pespective Pilot can benefit from the new tool that we added in the last version.

The four-point perspective correction tool lets you correct perspective if your photo shows a rectangular object in perspective. Just select the tool and point the four corners of the object that should be rectangular:

Perspective Correction Tool

Then click the “Apply” button. Result:

Perspective Correction Result

If you mistakenly set a point in a wrong place, just click it again to remove it.

To see life how this tool works, start Perspective Pilot and run the demo example from the Demonstration menu (“Tile”).

Pespective Pilot main page…

We changed to a new design!

We are excited to announce that we have changed to a new design! We didn’t transfer all the pages yet. If you miss any page or any other link, please contact us thus we can help you.

Virtual Printer Driver – Embedded fonts issues

At the moment, there are two problems with embedded fonts:

Subsetting problem:

Most fonts are too large if they were to be entirely embedded in an output PDF file. The so-called subsetting technique allows one to make files much smaller. By subsetting, only required characters are embedded (only several glyphs instead of the full set of glyphs). Since this process is not standardized, there could be unexpected problems. For example, the POST table (that links each glyph ID to a unicode value for further creation of PDF) could be empty.

Delta font problem:

– There are three types of embedded fonts in EMF files:

– Engine font – is a normal TrueType font that could be packed via dttf table. There are no problems with such fonts.

– Subset font – is a subfont of TrueType. This font could be also packed via dttf table and there are no problems with such fonts as well.

Delta font – this is a part of a TrueType subfont. Such a font contains a set of glyphs and this font has no name. Although Microsoft writes in its documentation that this font must be combined with a subset font used previously, it doesn’t explain how to find this subset font. The solution we found at the moment requires too much RAM.

We are aware of these problems and are going to solve them, but we are not sure how long it will take us.

Please feel free to write comments.

Exif Pilot: process your vacation photo sets

Summer is the time of vacations. And we do shots on our cameras. Very often we need to edit metadata in our photos using an EXIF editor. The possible problems that can appear in the photos:
1) shift time zone;
2) shift date and time;
3) fix GPS coordinates;
4) add comments, keywords, description.
These tasks can be solved using our editor Exif Pilot. See our video tutorials on YouTube channel:
Use Exif Pilot and don’t worry about your photos taken during vacations. You can fix metadata with help of Exif Pilot easy and simple.

Artem Golubnichenko
Two Pilots

Exif Pilot – embed exif metadata to your panorama photos

Exif Pilot 4.13 with support of editing metadata of panorama photos has been released.

Some time ago Google added a new feature to their set of web based applications recently. Publishing geo located spherical panoramas (aka Photo Spheres) on Views. And Facebook announced support for 360 photos and panoramas. When you upload a 360 photo or panorama, Facebook automatically processes the photo and presents it in an interactive viewer.

To recognize such type of photos upon upload, services look for camera-specific metadata in photos taken using 360-ready cameras. This information is embedded in GPano workspace of photo’s XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) and/or Exif (Exchangeable image file format) tags.

When you edited a 360 photo in an image editor, some maintained metadata may be striped out. And when you share edited photos, Facebook and other services might not recognize them as being 360 photos. To solve this problem, you need to inject the metadata back into the edited file. And you can embed needed metadata for your panorama photos using new version of Exif Pilot editor.

Spherical 360 photos almost always use equirectangular projection. Usually photos must fulfill the following requirements for web services to process them properly. The below is key tags that should be paced in XMP metadata:

  1. Width and height of image. The photo must have a 2:1 aspect ratio, with maximum file dimensions of 6000 x 3000 pixels.
  2. TheXMP tag “ProjectionType=equirectangular”.

Also, Exif Pilot provides additional data for editing. See screnshot for more details:

Add EXIF to panorama photos with Exif Pilot - screenshot

Download the latest version of our Exif Editor and enjoy it. We hope that all your panoramas photos taken from your cameras will be perfect!

– Exif Pilot main page –

Full cycle of EXIF processing

The new version of Exif Pilot 4.12 has been released. Now our EXIF tool supports the full cycle of metadata processing: view, create, edit, and delete EXIF, IPTC metadata. Also Exif Pilot has ability to view XMP tags, but editing such type of metadata is not available yet. In the latest release we’ve added new functionality to remove specified tags from the images. You can easily either delete desired tags from picture, or clear all metadata. Also, we have fixed several minor bugs. Continue reading

Export/Import Your Settings in Exif Pilot

We do our releases of Exif Pilot permanently. We hope, we can to continue to release our EXIF editor. Many users sent us requests to add feature for export/import settings of the program. It is useful feature when user installs new version of the our EXIF software. Many our users choose different settings to work with program comfortably and efficiently. Continue reading