How to convert arbitrary BMP files in "All to one PDF" mode:
This is Sample1.bat contents:
Bmp2PDFPilot.exe /A "Sample files\clock.bmp" "Sample files\globe.bmp" "Sample files\scheme.bmp" /O "Sample PDF files\Sample1.pdf" 
Files list to convert:
Sample files\clock.bmp
Sample files\globe.bmp
Sample files\scheme.bmp
Used required switches:
/O - required switch. Here it tells program create file "Sample1.pdf" in "Sample PDF files" directory
Used not required switches:
/A - auto open 
Program create PDF file Sample1.pdf in directory "Sample PDF files" from files:
clock.bmp, globe.bmp, scheme.bmp, located in directory "Sample files"
If output directory does not exist, it will be created
When converting process is complete, PDF file "Sample1.pdf" will be opened