How to use pattern matching in BMP file names
This is Sample5.bat contents:
Bmp2PDFPilot.exe /A /R "Sample files\OHenry*.bmp" /O "Sample PDF files\Sample5.pdf" 
Files list to convert:
All BMP files from directory "Sample files" and it subdirectories which
file name started at "OHenry"
Used required switches:
/O - required switch. Here it tells program create PDF file "Sample5.pdf" in "Sample PDF files" directory
Used not required switches:
/A - auto open 
/R - search for files recursively
Program create PDF file Sample5.pdf in directory "Sample PDF files"
from bmp images located in directory "Sample files" and all subdirectories.
All bmp images with filename started at "OHenry" will be included recursively.
If output directory does not exist, it will be created
When converting process is complete,PDF file "Sample5.pdf" will be opened.