How to use the program
Program main window:
Adding files to the files list
Button "Add file"  - add file to files list
Button "Add from folder"  - add files from specified folder to files list
If "Include subfolders"  check box is checked, then all files from this folder subfolders
will be added too.
Also you can drop BMP files from Explorer window to the files list to add a files.
Removing files from the files list
"Remove file"  - remove selected file from list 
"Remove all"   - remove all files from list. 
PDF document pages order
First left column shows in wich order BMP files will be placed in PDF document.
This digits is PDF document page numbers. To change the page order, use buttons
"Move up"     - move file back one to beginning of document
"Move down" - move file forward one to the end of PDF document.
Also you can use a drag and drop file by mouse to change it position.
Creating PDF document 
To create a PDF document from files you select, click button "Create PDF"
PDF document can be created in 3 different modes.
Read more about  program modes