PDF Options
This is PDF Settings window, where you can adjust generated PDF file parameters, 
and save these parameters as profiles. 
Profiles are used to store previous settings. <default> profile will reset all settings to default ones.
Document info - here you can set information about pdf document
Title - title of the document
Author - enter name of author here
Subject - subject of the document
Keywords - keywords for the document. Keywords are used for search indexes.
Enable pdf security - enable/disable pdf security in the document
Enable user password - enable user password
User password - enter user password for this document
Enable owner password - enter owner password for this document
PDF Protection -  PDF protection parameters
Enable copying  information - enable copying information from the document
Enable modifying annotation - enable modifying annotation of the document
Enable modifying structure - enable modifying structure of the document
Enable printing - enable printing the document
Encryption - encryption parameters
Key length - encryption key length (128 bit key supported with Acrobat Reader version 5 or above)
If you use encryption for PDF document, Acrobat Reader will show you this dialog when you will open encrypted 
PDF document
Document compression - here you can set information about pdf document
Deflate  - use "Deflate" compression for the document
None  - don't use compression for the document
PDF version - here you can set PDF  version
Acrobat 5.xx - use 5.xx PDF version
Acrobat 4.xx - use 4.xx PDF version
1 bit depth image compression - here you can set compression for 1 bit per pixel images
CCITT3 algorithm - use CCITT3 algorithm
CCITT3(2D) algorithm - use CCITT3(2D) algorithm
CCITT4 algorithm - use CCITT4 algorithm
Page layout - here you can set page layout for the document
Single page - use single page layout
One column - use one column layout
Two columns left - use two columns left layout
Two columns right - use two columns right layout
Page mode - here you can set page mode for the document
Use none - don't use page mode for the document
Use outlines -  use outlines page mode for the document
Use thumbnails -  use thumbnails for the document
Full screen -  open document in full screen mode
URL automatic detection - set automatic detection for URLs
You can use program in a command line mode.
Read more about command line mode