Color Pilot for Mac – software for easy color correction

Color Pilot for Mac offers a new unique color correction method – “like seen on the other picture”.

To correct colors in a photo, just tell the program which color you want to have in your picture. We know that asphalt is grey. We shall tell Color Pilot that this is a grey color in the image:

This image needs color correction    Corrected image

Color correction can be done in only 3 steps:

Color correction in Color Pilot for Mac

Your first step

After you install the program, just click the Demonstration menu:

Color Pilot for Mac - menu Demonstration

and choose an example to play:

Color Pilot for Mac - list of the examples

See our step-by-step explanations of each example…


Limitation of the trial version: the unregistered version of Color Pilot does not allow you to save images that exceed 1024×1024 pixels.

Ordering information

Order Color Pilot for Mac (29.95 EUR)

The download link & your registration code will be emailed to you as soon as your order is processed.

Versions History

December 02 2020 :: Version 5.4.0
+ Added Italian localization.

Full version history….

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