Compare PDF Creator Pilot Library and PDF Mosaic SDK

PDF Creator Pilot SDK

PDF Creator Pilot is a library for creating PDF files from Visual Basic / Visual Basic .NET, Delphi, Visual C++, VBScript, ASP / ASP.NET, C#, PHP and Python. PDF Creator Pilot uses ActiveX (also known as COM) technology. You can use the library from any programming language that can use ActiveX components. PDF Creator Pilot allows you to generate PDF files on the fly. It is ideal SDK for creating web- and desktop applications with dynamic PDF document generation and manipulation. PDF Creator Pilot includes detailed online documentation with the step-by-step tutorials for creating pdf files.

This PDF library can create, open, merge or otherwise manipulate PDF files. You can use the PDF library’s commands as well as WinApi functions (virtual device context – PDF’s HDC). PDF security, font embedding, different font charsets, document compression are also supported.


PDF Mosaic Library .NET

PDF Mosaic allows you to create, merge and modify PDF documents. Simple yet powerful API will help you to process PDF documents with ease. PDF Mosaic does not require any third-party applications or libraries to generate or modify PDF documents. PDF Mosaic is a C# library, it is created for .NET Framework 2.0 and later. PDF Mosaic SDK for developers who program in C#, J#, Vb.Net, JScript.Net, and who need to process PDF files (create, open, paste, split, modify, and more).The library has more than 500 supported functions for working with PDF documents. Library opens and reads pdf files using scoped parsing of document’s content.

PDF Mosaic Library has the step-by-step tutorials for creating pdf documents using .NET.


You can use the following feature comparison as a guide to determining whether you require PDF Creator Pilot Library or PDF Mosaic .NET Library.

  PDF Creator Pilot PDF Mosiac .NET SDK
Create and read existing PDF documents
Merge and split PDF documents
Adding and deleting PDF document’s pages
Unicode support
Create watermarks for each page
Add thumbnails to a PDF document
Standard (base 14), TrueType, Type1, OpenType fonts reading and embedding
Support for Eastern European, Turkish, Baltic, Russian, Greek, and CJK character sets
Create interactive PDF documents using JavaScript and hyper links
Interactive AcroForm elements: text fields, buttons, radio buttons, combo- and check boxes
Encryption (40, 128 bit) and password protection
Create and manipulate tree-like outlines
Virtual device context (HDC) for drawing with WinAPI functions  
Use images in various formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF)
Create and use annotations Text, FileAttachment, Sound, Movie, and more
Generate a PDF document on disk or in memory (for web applications)
Simple graphics: ellipses, rectangles, circles, pies
Complex graphics: free form paths, clipping, polygons, text
Change opacity level and blend mode for text and graphics
RGB, CMYK and Grayscale colors, ICC
Extracting text from PDF documents
Hyperlinks, destinations, events
Actions (GoTo, Launch, URI, SubmitForm, ResetForm, JavaScript)
Graphics templates  
Create, read and modify Document Info
Support of Layers (Optional Content Groups)
Set and get ViewerPreferences, PageLayout, PageMode
Creation and manipulation of PDF tables
Text formatting, output of multi-column text
No differentiation between client and server application
Creation of PDF/A and PDF/X files  
3D Annotations  
EMF Conversion  
Digital Signatures    
Ability for displaying and printing PDF documents (view and render PDF)  
Uncompress and Re-Compress PDF documents
Fill PDF forms
Translate, rotate and scale multiple pages to a single page
100% PDF Acrobat compatible
Transparent masks
Windows XP/2003/Vista/7, x64 (64-bit architecture) support


See also Virtual Printer SDK for Win 7, C++, C#, Delphi, VB.NET, VB (royalty free)

Virtual Printers is EMF virtual printer for software developers with custom name and features.

Some use cases:

  • Customer uses the driver to print an invoice, extract text, generate a unique ID based on that text content, and put this ID on the PDF version of an invoice;
  • Customer converts a document to a PDF and, after collecting user input in a custom application, uploads the PDF with collected data to a web service;
  • Customer creates reports in TIFF and TXT formats and uploads them to an FTP server;
  • Customer uses preprocessing to extract textual commands from a print job and then a custom client application uses these commands for business logic;
  • Customer uses preprocessing to configure the watermark settings and business logic of a custom client application;
  • Customer uses virtual driver with POS printers.

Look a virtual printer examples for C++, C#, Delphi, VB.NET, VB.

The PDF Creator Pilot library is used in the Virtual Printer to generate PDF documents.

Artem Golubnichenko