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Create fillable forms for your clients and partners


Form Pilot Office allows you to create documents with fields that can be filled in Filler Pilot, a free program from Two Pilots.

Working with the Program Suite: Form Pilot Office and Filler Pilot

1. Create a form in Form Pilot Office. The forms are kept in an internal format and can be filled in Filler Pilot.

2. Email or publish on your site the documents you prepared for filling.

3. Your clients or partners install Filler Pilot and enter their data into the necessary fields. The completed document can be kept in PDF format or in CFP format. It can then be sent back to you
- by email,
- by fax, or
- by mail, after printing the paper form.

In Form Pilot Office, there is an internal database which stores the information in the document, when you receive the filled forms back.


Free Filler Pilot

Filler Pilot allows filling out special forms created with Form Pilot office. See more details about Filler Pilot.

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