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Renat Islamgareev
Project Manager of Virtual Printer

Artem Golubnichenko
Project Manager of PDF Library

Dmitry Bushnev
Developer of iOS applications


Two Pilots is an international company founded in 1991 with staff located in the USA, Germany, and Russia. In the computer field, the company developed chips (a patent was awarded for a frequency comparator) and the world's smallest scanner. Two Pilots has several other patents as well.

Since 1999, Two Pilots' focus has been software development. One of its first software products was Form Pilot - a form-filling program that allows users to fill out forms on a computer instead of using a typewriter. Form Pilot used a virtual printer for transferring the form image to the program window. The team developed the virtual printer driver for the Form Pilot software. Quite quickly virtual printer development grew into a standalone service. However there were limitations in the enhancement of Two Pilots' products caused by using an external PDF library.

So, the team started to develop Two Pilots' PDF library. Now Two Pilots offers a number of components for software developers, and the PDF Creator Pilot library is the most popular among them. With PDF Creator Pilot as its base, the team develops PDF converters, virtual printer drivers, and end-user form-filling software.

One of the company's founders was Rais Garifoullin. Now Two Pilots is Rais Garifullin's trademark. He is the owner of Two Pilots' web sites as well.

Two Pilots is Rais Garifullin's trademark.
Rais Garifoullin is registered at:
kv.7, d. 8, ul. Shkolnaya
Kokoshkino city
Moskovskaya obl. province
143390, Russian Federation

If you have any questions for Two Pilots, please visit our contact page.

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