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Convert Documents to DjVu with free DjVu Printer Pilot


DjVu Printer Pilot converts documents into DjVu files. This "into DjVu" converter is based on a virtual printer.

To create a DjVu file, you should "print" a document on the "DjVu Printer Pilot" virtual printer from any program that supports printing. Then choose the "Export to DJVU" command in the appeared DjVu Printer Pilot program window:

DjVu Printer Pilot program window

The converted DjVu document will be opened in WinDjView. If you do not have WinDjView installed on your PC, you can download it for free here.


Two Pilots' Virtual Printer

The DjVu Printer Pilot program uses Two Pilots' Virtual Printer for "printing" any document into DJVU Printer Pilot program window.
More about
Virtual Printer...


Download free full version

DjVu Printer Pilot x32 1.1.1 (2.4M)
DjVu Printer Pilot x64 1.1.1 (2.5M)

System requirements: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7

DjVu Printer Pilot is destributed as a freeware.

We don't support and expand DjVu Printer Pilot now anymore!


If you have any question or problems, feel free to contact us. You may attach files that were not converted or not converted properly.
Questions will be answered and comments are welcome.


DjVu library

For "to DjVu" conversion, DjVu Printer Pilot uses the DjVuLibre library.


DjVu Printer Pilot version history

January 4 2011 :: Version 1.1.1
* Printer driver has been updated;
* User interface design has been changed;
- Some bugs were fixed.


Send us your comments and ideas for further development of DjVu Printer Pilot!



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