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EMF2PDF SDK Pilot Overview


EMF2PDF SDK Pilot is a library for software developers that converts EMF files (Enhanced-Format Metafiles) to PDF format by having the best algorithm for convert metafiles to PDF searchable documents with high quality and high performance. EMF2PDF SDK Pilot a royalty-free PDF developer SDK. The library is available in DLL edition only.


Key Features

 ◊ Create PDF files from EMF
 ◊ Full management for PDF viewer preferences (such as author, creator, and so on)
 ◊ Produce a PDF/A compatible output file
 ◊ Create watermark in PDF documents
 ◊ Draw a text line on a PDF page
 ◊ Add an image from a file into a PDF document
 ◊ Set password for view-protection and edit-protection of the PDF file


Step by Step Convert EMF files to PDFs

// create pdf object
// set license info for registration emf2pdf sdk
EM_SetLicenseData("demo", "demo");   
// draw the first metafile
EM_DOCUMENT_AddPageFromMetafileW(pdf, L"test1.emf");

// draw the second metafile on another page
EM_DOCUMENT_AddPageFromMetafileW(pdf, L"test2.emf");

// draw the third metafile on another page
//EM_DOCUMENT_AddPageFromMetafileW(pdf, L"test3.emf");
// save pdf on disk
EM_DOCUMENT_SaveW(pdf, L"result.pdf");

// release pdf object

Download this example project for MS Visual Studio 2010


Download free demo

EMF2PDF SDK Pilot 5.0 ( 1.5M )

System requirements:   Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8. No 3rd party software is required.

Limitation of the trial version:   notification messages appear into generated PDF documents.

EMF2PDF SDK Pilot version history

January 24 2017 :: Version 5.0
+ based on the latest PDF Creator Pilot v5.0;
+ Fixed issues with EMF to PDF conversion;



Ordering information

Price starts from 4995.
More about the EMF2PDF SDK Pilot licenses...


EMF2PDF SDK Pilot on-line testing

Try EMF to PDF conversion...
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