How the Virtual Printer works with POS data

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Our Virtual Printer works with POS receipt printers. The Virtual Printer can send a print job to any hardware printer, extract text from the data, make PDF or raster formats, or transfer data as is to a hardware POS printer.


All POS data remains intact in the printer job, so they are correctly handled by a POS printer.

The main difference between our driver and others is that our driver keeps all POS data intact so that when you redirect output to a laser printer, you will have a normal text printout. However, when you redirect this job to a POS printer, it will use all commands as expected.

Our driver also can extract text from a POS printer job and pass it to a custom client application which can do anything you want: save as a file, send by e-mail, or store into a database. And of course our driver can generate PDF or raster formats for you.

Are you looking for “POS printer emulator” or “thermal printer emulator”?

While our initial focus was on virtual printers for various purposes, we have recently experienced a growing demand for virtual POS printers.

We recognize the unique challenges associated with developing virtual POS printers. One of the intricacies in developing virtual POS printers is the necessity to create individual command support for each printer model. Additionally, testing these virtual POS printers requires access to the physical models for accurate validation.

Our company has over 20 years of experience working on Virtual Printer Drivers. If you’re a developer seeking a Virtual Printer Driver compatible with POS receipt printers, we invite you to try the free demo version of our driver. Our product includes basic functionality to operate as a virtual POS printer.

To tailor the Virtual Printer Driver to your specific requirements, you can acquire the source code and make necessary modifications yourself. In certain cases, we can offer customization services for an additional fee. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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