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March 07 2024 :: Version 11.6.23
+ The ability to set a page range for each watermark has been added.
+ Images with the help of watermarks are brought to the foreground in the PDF file.

July 17 2023 :: Version 11.6.20
+ The QR code scaling algorithm of the POS emulator has been fixed.

May 11 2023 :: Version 11.6.18
+ For some documents, the text extraction algorithm has been improved.

March 17 2023 :: Version 11.6.17
+ The bug when substituting system environment variables has been fixed.

Feburary 03 2023 :: Version 11.6.15
+ The ability to get a raw file in the output directory when the file converter is disabled has been added.

January 03 2023 :: Version 11.6.11
+ When setting the user variable {document}, the full name of the print job is used.

December 28 2022 :: Version 11.6.10
+ The “Multipage file name mask” parameter has been added to the registry branch: {HKLM, HKCU \Software\REGISTRY_ENTRY\Converter\

December 23 2022 :: Version 11.6.9
* Saving a Tiff file in 1-bit black and white mode has been fixed.

April 29 2022 :: Version 11.6.8
* The algorithm of the VPDAgent service has been improved.
* Watermark work has been fixed.

April 05 2022 :: Version 11.6.6
+ The printing process from some applications has been accelerated.

February 15 2022 :: Version 11.6.5
+ The EMF file extraction algorithm has been accelerated.

February 08 2022 :: Version 11.6.4
* The algorithm for printing large documents has been improved.

January 21 2022 :: Version 11.6.1
+ The scaling algorithm when printing from Google Chrome has been improved.
+ Printing documents with a large number of pages has been fixed.

January 18 2022 :: Version 11.6.0
* Algorithm for drawing graphic elements improved – EmrModifyWorldTransform(MWT_LEFTMULTIPLY) command.

December 13 2021 :: Version 11.5.0
+ The algorithm of the text converter in the Keep formatting mode has been fixed.
+ Dutch localization has been added.

October 08 2021 :: Version 11.4.0
+ The stability of the MSV Agent has been improved. In case of incorrect entries in the print job file, the VPD Agent tries to extract EMF files whenever possible.

April 13 2021 :: Version 11.3.0
+ The mode Grayscale in PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF converter has been fixed.

April 01 2021 :: Version 11.2.0
* Some internal library changes.

February 19 2021 :: Version 11.1.0
Changed Custom variables:
{job0N} – Print the job ID with leading zeros and the specified number of N characters in the range [3..5].
{page0N}- Page number with leading zeros and a given number of N characters in the range [3..5].

August 4 2020
+ VPDAgent service was optimized for small print jobs, print jobs handling was fixed.

October 11 2019
+ Fixed a redirect issue when output on the target printer device may be scaled;
+ Fixed a printer properties issue when a printer’s DEVMODE may configured incorrectly;
+ Fixed an endless wait cycle of printer device readiness
+ ESC/POS parser was improved with new commands and supported text codepages
+ PDF library was improved with Italic text simulation, compliance to PDF/A standard and vertical text writing.

June 5 2019
+ Fixed text position calculations in TEXT converter
+ Fixed crash when TTF font contains zero-length CMAP subtable.

April 5 2019
+ Fixed an issue when print job may handle twice and more
+ Fixed an issue with monospaced fonts in PDF output
+ Added printer workflow configuration through INI-file.

February 25 2019
+ Fixed performance issue for short jobs;
+ Fixed issue when print job stay in printer queue after complete.

August 28 2018
+ Fixed printing issue with Windows Modern applications (Windows Edge, Photos);
+ Updated third-party libraries (OpenSSL, libCurl, Crypto++, OpenSSH2);
+ Fixed issue with port monitor now it installs as Local Port.

June 12 2018
+ Added an ability to encrypt all output and temporary files;
+ Long text messages in ESC/POS receipts now splits into set of shorter messages;
+ Added an ability to send an extra ESC/POS command at the end of print job redirection;
+ Fixed an issue when spool files does not removed after priting;
+ Fixed an issue with named pipe initalization waiting.

February 19 2018
+ Fixed an issue when vertical text shows incorrectly in the PDF document;
+ Fixed a performance issue with loading a TrueType Font Collection;
+ Fixed an issue with text encoding in the ESC/POS parser.

January 29 2018
Fixed an issue with glyphs position in the PDF documents.

January 24 2018
+ Support for monochrome printing has been added;
+ Paper size selection from printing dialog has been added;
+ Fixed issue with paper orientation for N-Up feature.

January 19 2018
+ Fixed an issue in PDF converter when TrueType font may save incorrectly and some text may shown as gibberish;
+ Fixed an issue with clipping path drawing;
+ EMR_ALPHABLEND record has been added to EMF to PDF processing.

January 11 2018
Has been added support for OAuth v2.0 authentication protocol. This allows to deny unauthorized access to the Virtual Printer Driver.

November 24 2017
Fixed bug with filling the bounding rectangle for entries with the flag PATCOPY in the EMF to PDF converter.

November 17 2017
+ Issue with text background color in the PDF output has been fixed;
+ Issue with clipping path in the PDF output has been fixed;
+ Issue with image size and position in the PDF output has been fixed;
+ Issue with TrueType font unpacking in the PDF output has been fixed;
+ Duplex mode selection has been added to printer properties dialog.

November 7 2017
Now EMF Virtual Printer Driver allows to store embedded fonts on a disk.

October 13 2017
Fixed an issue with font size in PDF output when incoming LOGFONT structure contains a positive lfHeight value.

October 6 2017
+ ESC/POS parser now supports different text character encoding for incoming ESC/POS receipts. Here is a list of supported character encoding:
0 – ASCII;
128 – Japanese Shift-Jis;
129 – Korean;
130 – Korean Johab;
134 – Chinese GB2312;
136 – Chinese Big5;
161 – Greek Windows-1253;
162 – Turkish Windows-1254;
163 – Vietnamese Windows-1258;
177 – Hebrew Windows-1255;
178 – Arabic Windows-1256;
186 – Baltic Windows-1257;
204 – Russian Windows-1251;
222 – Thai Windows-874;
238 – East Europe Windows-1252.

September 19 2017
+ Inter-character spacing for the PDF output has been fixed;
+ Font selection from the TrueType Collection for Asian fonts has been fixed.

August 25 2017
+ Issue with permission rights for the output directory has been fixed. Now, it has rwx access for all registered users.
+ New option “defaultPaperOrientation” allows to setup default paper orientation to “PORTRAIT” or “LANDSCAPE” mode.

August 16 2017
Uploading files to the offline FTP server can be delayed till FTP server goes to online.
New line width normalization preprocessing allows to specify thin and thick line widths range to avoid missed lines on the paper.

August 7 2017
Fixed an issue when the Output directory is on a mounted network device. To use the mounted network device you should provide a canonical path “\\server\shared\output” instead of “X:\output”.

July 27 2017
ESC/POS converter has been improved:
+ Added support for CODE39 barcode;
+ Added support for QR Code model 2 barcode.

July 18 2017
EMF to PDF converter has been improved:
+ Fixed a text clipping selection for records with ETO_CLIPPED flag;
+ Fixed a clipping path construction with using logical operations, such as AND, OR, XOR and DIFF;
+ Fixed a TrueType font embedding with zero-terminated records in a Name table;
+ Fixed a text rotation through a LOGFONT structure;
+ Fixed a line drawing style when EXTLOGPEN structure uses.

June 21 2017
Fixed an issue with copying/pasting from PDF for a subset of fonts.

June 1 2017
Issue with umlauts has been fixed in the EMF to PDF converter.

May 9 2017
Conversion speed of EMF to PDF converter has been improved after optimizing a TrueType font loading with huge glyphs count. For example, Arial font has ~3500 glyphs inside, but some Chinese fonts has ~34000 glyphs.

May 5 2017
Font subsetting for PDF files has been added. This feature allows to reduce PDF file size by creating a subset of a font. It may greatly reduce the file size with Asian fonts which use a huge number of glyphs inside.
Also an issue with an image size has been fixed, that may greatly reduce the file size.

April 18 2017
ESC/POS parser has been improved with “GS!” command. This command allows to setup font size to double width and double height.

April 14 2017
Fixed an issue where a document conversion could end before all pages of the document were processed by a printing application.

April 12 2017
Fixed an issue with a progress bar, when two or more print jobs used one progress bar. Now, each print job has it own progress bar showing.

April 6 2017
ESC/POS parser has been updated: scaling of text and images for better quality. Check it: Real receipt and VPD output receipt.

April 5 2017
Added some magic for text extraction from TrueType font without glyph names, which generates by Acrobat Reader and some ERP systems during the printing PDF documents.

April 3 2017
Fixed a compatibility issue with Windows XP.

March 29 2017
Now output directory, application path, file name and textual watermarks may use System environment variables and custom variables.
For example, output directory “%TEMP%/{yyyy}/{device}” will expand to “C:/Users/John/AppData/Local/Temp/2017/Two Pilot Demo Printer” directory.
For more information, please check VPD Documentation at “Environment variables and custom variables”.

March 28 2017
We are glad to announce the 11th release of Virtual Printer Driver!

Major changes include brand new EMF to PDF converter. In comparison to the previous version, it is a good old converter but improved in several details:
+ Embedded fonts support is finalized;
+ TrueType Font Collection support is added;
+ Positioning is improved: output PDF is visually identical to input EMF;
+ New color space options: Gray or RGB. CMYK is coming soon.

The only shortcoming is that PDF/A is not supported.

Minor changes:
+ Improved positioning in EMF to TXT converter and ESC/POS parser.

February 26 2017
Fixed an issue where all the parameters of watermarks are required parameters. Now missed parameter takes the default value.

February 17 2017
Fixed the issue when generated PDF file can be invalid or has missed pages.

February 7 2017
Virtual Printer Driver allows to set up output file name mask via the registry value “Converter\File name mask”. Available values are:
{device} – device name;
{user} – user name;
{machine} – machine name;
{document} – document name;
{yy} – year, last two digits; {yyyy} – year;
{M} – month; {MM} – month with leading zero;
{D} – day; {DD} – day with leading zero;
{h} – hour; {hh} – hour with leading zero;
{m} – minute; {mm} – minute with leading zero;
{s} – second; {ss} – second with leading zero;
{job} – print job ID; {job05} – print job ID with leading zero;
{page} – page number; {page03} – page number with leading zero.

For example, the file mask “File{job05}-{user}-{MM}{DD}{yyyy}-{hh}{mm}{ss}” specifies filename “File00123-super user-02072017-161532”.

February 6 2017
Fixed the issue when environment variables in the output directory path expands with using SYSTEM account instead of current logged on user. For example, %TEMP% has been expanded to the “c:/windows/temp” instead of “c:/users/username/appdata/local/temp”.

January 20 2017
Fixed an issue when default paper form name depends on the system locale during the installation process. Now paper form names have pre-defined values for WiX and NSIS scripts:

“DMPAPER_LETTER”, Letter 8 1/2 x 11 in
“DMPAPER_LEGAL”, Legal 8 1/2 x 14 in
“DMPAPER_STATEMENT”, Statement 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in
“DMPAPER_EXECUTIVE”, Executive 7 1/4 x 10 1/2 in
“A0” A0 841 x 1189 mm
“A1” A1 594 x 841 mm
“DMPAPER_A2”, A2 420 x 594 mm
“DMPAPER_A3”, A3 297 x 420 mm
“DMPAPER_A4”, A4 210 x 297 mm
“DMPAPER_A5”, A5 148 x 210 mm
“DMPAPER_B4”, B4 (JIS) 250 x 354
“DMPAPER_B5”, B5 (JIS) 182 x 257 mm
“ThermalReceipt”, Thermal Receipt 74 x 500 mm

Devkit package has been updated.

January 11 2017
The Virtual Printer Driver installation process has been improved with ability to specify default paper form from installation scripts (WiX, InnoSetup + NSIS). Devkit package has been updated.

January 10 2017
Fixed the issue with incorrect PDF size when printing ESC/POS receipts.

December 16 2016
Fixed printing from the Windows Metro applications (Microsoft Edge, for example).

December 16 2016
Fixed the issue when a background for the converted image depend on the current Windows scheme. It could affect the expected result.

November 29 2016
Fixed glyphs positioning in the EMF to PDF converter.

November 21 2016
The new ESC/POS emulator improves:
+ Text formatting: horizontal alignment, double-wide, double-tall, emphasized, underline, tabulations;
+ Positioning: line spacing, absolute and relative positions, motion unit;
+ Barcodes: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8 with HRI text output.

November 18 2016
Fixed the issue when a list of printers for redirection does not contains shared devices.

October 12 2016
ESC/POS parser has been improved with text alignment commands.

September 26 2016
ESC/POS parser has been improved with “GS k” command, which is allows to print bar-code. Currently supports UPC-A and EAN13 formats.

September 20 2016
Fixed the issue when raster images may reduce the quality with large paper sizes.

September 15 2016
Fixed the issue in the ESC/POS converter when lines and images prints with wrong horizontal position.

September 14 2016
Fixed the issue in the ESC/POS converter when the final image creates with two or more “GS 8 L” commands.

September 8 2016
+ Fixed issue in the ESC/POS converter when a line may prints twice;
+ Fixed issue in the ESC/POS converter when an image may prints incorrectly.

January 24 2016
ESC/POS converter has been improved with EPSON instruction set.

December 3 2015
Fixed issue with embedded subset fonts.

March 30 2015
Fixed issue in a text converter, which cause a time overhead and crash issue, when two or more EMF files are processed simultaneously.

March 18 2015
Howto articles has been updated: new articles has been added.

March 18 2015
Application setting “Force foreground” has been added. This setting allows to foreground matched window when uses WM_COPYDATA transfer mode.

November 20 2014
+ Fixed performance issue for runtime extraction;
+ Fixed performance issue for conversion when graphical formats JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP are disabled;
+ EMF to TEXT converter has been improved;
+ Fixed issue with embedded font with CMAP type 4;
+ Fixed watermark feature for landscape page orientation;
+ Fixed redirect issue when user sets page orientation, number of copies and collate directly in the print dialog.

October 27 2014
Virtual Printer Driver version 10 is released.

Major changes:
* Runtime Extraction: allows to receive and convert EMF files at spooling time;
* Early Access: allows to obtain converted files right after User start print a document;
* Updated scheduler: improves VPD conversion speed;
* N-Up feature: allows to print 2, 4, 6, 9 or 16 pages per sheet;
* Embedded fonts support: allows to process documents with embedded fonts correctly.

Minor changes:
* EMF to TEXT converter has been improved;
* EMF Cutting: allows to print ESC/POS receipts economically.

August 14 2014
Issue with long printer names in the redirect setting has been fixed.

April 7 2014
EMF to PDF converter has been improved with “Image Quality” option which allow to create lightweight PDF documents.

April 4 2014
Documenation has been improved with section “For Developers”.

April 2 2014
Issue with unicode and utf-8 text encoding has been fixed.

February 25 2014
+ Watermark feature for PDF format has been added;
+ New option “Image Quality” for PDF format has been added.

February 17 2014
+ Issue with redirected feature, when direct and redirect printing have differences, has been fixed.

February 12 2014
+ issue with Start menu on multi-printers installation has been fixed;
+ issue with floating lines in EMF to TEXT converter has been fixed.

February 5 2014
Version 8.0 is released.

+ new VPD SDK for driver settings configuration from C++ application;
+ new driver settings options;
+ new GUI for driver configuration;
+ improved localization in many languages;
+ improved MSI installer;
+ improved documentation.

December 24 2013
FTPS support has been added.

December 12 2013
Issue with unicode document name in an INI-file has been fixed.

November 29 2013
Option for PDF creation date has been added.

November 28 2013
Issue with PDF page size has been fixed.

October 3 2013
MSI installation package is available.

September 25 2013
Issue with “broken” words in EMF to PDF converter has been fixed.

September 6 2013
Fixed a bug in EMF to PDF converter when option “PDF: Separate” is enabled and option “PDF: Use mthread” is disabled.

September 5 2013
Fixed a crash in EMF to TIFF converter when option “TIFF: multipage” is enabled and “Converter: threads” is more that 1.

August 27 2013
Developer kit for demo printer is available.

August 5 2013
AES encryption for FTP/SFTP session credentials has been added.

July 23 2013
SFTP file upload support has been added.

July 15 2013
Issue with empty files in PDF converter has been fixed.

July 14 2013
Paper sizes up to 200″ x 200″ for PDF format has been supported.

July 3 2013
Windows 8.1 is supported.

November 26 2012
Hebrew text output for emf2txt converter has been improved.

November 9 2012
Bug with POS converter has been fixed;
Bug with double redirection has been fixed.

August 27 2012
POS converter has been improved with:
– FontA and FontB fonts selection;
– Dynamical paper height for output files;
– Issue with spool redirect has been fixed.

August 23 2012
Issue with multiple printers installation on one PC has been fixed.

March 13 2012
+ The Virtual Printer Driver Installer does not use the UNIDRV driver installer;
+ NSIS scripts return error codes if the Virtual Printer Driver installation fails;
+ Preprocessing and Preconverting logic have been updated;
+ Transfer modes through WM_COPYDATA and named pipe has been added for Preprocessing and Preconverting steps; + Windows 8 support has been added;
+ The Virtual Printer Driver Agent logic has been updated;
+ A new multi-threaded emf2pdf converter has been released.

December 12 2011
Our driver now supports Windows 8.

November 10 2011
The workflow of Virtual Printer Driver now is the following:
– preprocessing;
– preconverting;
– postconverting.

At the preprocessing step, your application can resume or cancel the print job.
At the preconverting step, your application can change converting options or modify source files (EMF or RAW).
At the postconverting step, your application can do anything with result files.

October 18 2011
Version control of Agent service installation process has been implemented.

October 13 2011
Version 7.2 is released
+ setup is improved
+ fixed small issues in progress dialog
+ agent is now working from installation directory.

September 20 2011
Bug with PDF page orientation has been fixed.
Bug with [PDF] section of INI-file has been fixed.

September 16 2011
Version 7.1 is released:

– new multi-threaded converter for emf2bmp/jpeg/png/single tiff with up to 250% performance improvement.
– new emf2txt converter with better text formatting.
– new watermarks engine with convenient control and up to 300% performance improvement.
– added new intercommunication feature – using pipes.
– additional adjustments of productivity and quality.

September 14 2011
Bug with glyph extraction in emf2txt converter has been fixed.

August 23 2011
We have begun work on switching-on of scripting language in the converter.

August 17 2011
Virtual Printer Beta is available for testing.

May 20 2011
New watermarks engine with cache and enhanced features for configuration was realized.

February 1 2011
Shared printing has been added;
Module for FTP upload has been added;
POS parser has been updated;
Paper size issue has been fixed;
Multi-thread issue in Agent has been fixed.

April 27 2010
Now we have a new service: the development of POS-printer.

March 30 2010
New concept for watermarks is released.

March 5 2010
New agent is implemented as a Windows service;
Tab for configuring the agent have been added in the Properties dialog;
Now you can can use BMP/JPEG/PNG files as watermarks.

October 15 2009
Spanish and Portuguese localizations have been added.

August 31 2009
Now our Virtual Printer is supported on Windows 7.


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