Language Options for the Virtual Printer Dialog

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The Virtual Printer properties dialog can appear in:

✓ English (by default)
✓ Russian
✓ Portuguese
✓ Korean
✓ Italian
✓ Greek
✓ German
✓ French
✓ Spanish
✓ Chinese
✓ Dutch

Select the desired language on the Language tab:

How to choose language of Virtual Printer Properties dialog

To add any other language support, open the .lng file in the Virtual Printer folder. Create an additional designation block with text in another language instead of English.

Language Identifier (ID) allows an operating system to choose a language automatically. A user will then see the Virtual Printer dialog in the language of the system. You can find Language ID values here: Convert a hexadecimal value to a decimal value.

Please note that language localization of the properties dialog is an additional feature that needs to be purchased.


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