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Features of Custom Virtual Printer

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  1. What types of EMF files are generated?

    Generated EMF is operating system specific: EMF 1.0 in Win9x, NT EMF 1.003 in NT4, NT EMF 1.008 in Win2k/XP. Generated EMF files are intended for local converting/viewing only, not for using on another computers because they contain environment-specific fonts and graphics. To preserve fonts and graphics, you can use PDF format as your output file format. PDF is supported by our virtual printer technology as well.
  2. Can the driver handle portrait and landscape in the same document?

    Yes. Client application can get information about document orientation, resolution and title from the virtual driver.
  3. Does generated EMF image file contain printed graphics objects?

    Yes. Such objects are embedded in EMF in the device-independent format with color information provided by the source application.
  4. What programming tools are needed to build drivers from a source code?

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and WDK for Windows 7.
  5. What programming tools are needed to build your own MSI-package?

    WiX toolset
  6. Does EMF driver support different color modes?

    EMF is independent from display color modes. All embedded graphics are stored in the device-independent format. All necessary color transformations must be performed by the client application.
  7. If I buy the binary version of the drivers, can I upgrade to the source edition by paying the difference later?

    Yes. You can upgrade from the binary version to the source code version by paying the difference any time.
  8. Do I need to purchase a maintenance plan for the support and updates?

    One year of support and updates is included. Further support costs 50% from the base price within a year after initial order and 100% of the base price after one year after initial order.
  9. Can the printer be used for printing from the Terminal Services session or Remote Desktop connection?

    The virtual printer is compatible with Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Connection.
  10. I found an error in the generated PDF document. What should I do?

    Please send us the generated PDF file, its source EMF file and the original document (if possible). We will fix the bug as soon as possible.
  11. Can I rename the virtual printer?

    No. The printer name is hard-coded. If you rename the printer, it will become inoperative. You can select required printer name when purchase the driver.
  12. Do we need Adobe Acrobat or 3rd party software for creating a PDF with an EMF virtual printer?

    No, you don't. We use our own library, PDF Creator Pilot, for creating PDF files.
  13. How can we integrate an EMF virtual printer with our client application? Do you have samples?

    Integration of your application with a virtual printer is an easy process. We have several samples. The full package, which you will receive after buying the printer, includes the samples as well.
  14. If I buy a binary version of your driver, can I redistribute it as a part of my software? Do I have to pay for each copy I redistribute with my software?

    Our virtual printers are royalty-free. You can distribute them with your applications without any additional fees.
  15. If I need additional customization for your virtual printer, can you do it for me?

    Yes, of course. We can customize the printer per customer request.
  16. After printing a document, can I extract and save the metadata (invoice ID, total of the agreement) entered in the appointed tags?

    Yes, you can extract additional data from the documents which are sent to printing and save them in a file. Contact us for details...
  17. How to share a virtual printer?

    When you share the printer on Windows Vista and later you need to uncheck "Render print jobs on client computers" at the 'Sharing' tab of printer properties dialog.

    When you share the printer on XP, use the following procedure to enable the "Always render print jobs on the server group policy on each client machine":
    1. From the Start menu, select Run (on Windows Vista Run can be found in the Accessories menu) and type gpedit.msc;
    2. In the group policy object editor, open Computer Configuration, then Administrative Templates, and then Printers;
    3. Select Always render print jobs on the server and click Enabled;
    4. Make print spooler service restart.

    See more details on how to share virtual printer...

  18. How can I install a virtual printer silently?

    You can install MSI-package with using "msiexec" tool with "/quiet" key "msiexec /i product.msi /quiet". Also you should have an administrator privilege rights.
  19. How can I specify installation directory for msi-package?

    You can set an "INSTALLFOLDER" property for "msiexec" tool "msiexec /i product.msi INSTALLFOLDER=path_to_install".
  20. How can I change temporary folder for a virtual printer?

    By default the virtual printer uses User temporary directory from "TEMP" or "TMP" environment variables for temporary files. You can change this behaviour by setting "VPD_TEMP" environment variable to a required temporary directory.
  21. How can I uninstall a virtual printer?

    You can uninstall the virtual printer via "Start" or "Programs and Features" menu. If you have an error during the uninstallation process you can try to uninstall it with using "Fixit" tool from Microsoft
  22. Can I install two or more virtual printers on a single server?

    Yes, you can if they have a different names.
  23. How to test your software? Where can I download it?

    You can download demo builds from our web-site:

    EMF Virtual Printer 10 32 bit, 11M
    EMF Virtual Printer 10 64 bit , 12M
    Developer kit: all files + installer source,188M

  24. When do we specify a virtual printer name and other product information?

    After purchase we will ask you about a required printer name, company info and registry settings.
  25. What are the limitations of the demo version?

    The demo version places notification messages inside the generated documents.

How to work with Virtual Printer using: C++ | C# | Delphi | VB.NET | VB 

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