EMF Virtual Printer SDK – Licensing

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✓ Our virtual printer is royalty free. The fee that you pay when you purchase a virtual printer is your only expense. We do not charge any consecutive royalties. You can use the printer with your applications without any additional fees.

✓ Pay only for the options you need. Using the form below, you can estimate the price of your project.

✓ The source code is also available for purchasing (9950/14950 EUR). Its license allows the code modifications. More details…

✓ Before deciding to purchase Virtual Printer, please read the License Agreement and the product Using Notice.



The price depends on the options you choose. Select required options and the cost of your order will be estimated automatically.

    Base Virtual Printer Driver (installer and de-installer are included)


    Windows 2003/2008R2/ 2012/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11 driver

    895 EUR

    Output Formats Price


    EMF format (base output format)


    PDF searchable format

    495 EUR

    TIFF image format

    Supported compression modes:
       CCITT modified Huffman RLE
       CCITT Group 3 fax encoding
       CCITT Group 4 fax encoding
       Lempel-Ziv & Welch
       JPEG DCT compression
       Macintosh RLE
       Flate compression

    195 EUR

    JPEG image format

    195 EUR

    PNG image format

    195 EUR

    BMP image format

       95 EUR

    Plain text format in ANSI, Unicode or UTF-8 encoding with optional BOM (Byte Order Mark)
    * In some cases, printing a PDF does not produce text output. More...

    245 EUR

    Additional features


    Watermarking feature

    195 EUR

    Redirection feature

    295 EUR

    Language localization of the properties dialog (more...)

    245 EUR

    FTP/FTPS/SFTP upload

    195 EUR

    POS support

    195 EUR

    OAuth v2.0 support

    295 EUR

    Document encryption

    295 EUR

    Customization Price


    Custom printer name (for example, "My Virtual Printer" or "My Company Printer")

    295 EUR per printer

    Special DEMO build of the printer driver with custom limitations

    195 EUR

    Technical support


    Еmail consultations - questions regarding installation and setting up, simple issues that we are able to fix within several days. Read more...

    495 EUR per month

    Driver source code


    The price varies depending on whether you have permission to distribute the Virtual Printer Driver source code with your products’ source code.

    See details...

    Shopping Cart Total (EUR):



    (you will receive a copy of the information you submitted)


    Ordering Questions and Answers

    1. I recently purchased Virtual Printer. Can I receive an update?

      Within a year after purchase, if we released a new version of Virtual Printer, you can request a free update of your project (with the same printer name & the same parameters). If during this period you need to change the virtual printer name, we can do it for you for additional 250 EUR.

    2. Technical Support for our Virtual Printer Driver is a standalone service

      Email consultations include questions regarding installation and setting up of Virtual Printer Driver. They also can include issues that we are able to fix within several days. Please note that in case of more complex issues, we charge an additional fee after we estimate the complexity of the task.

      You can order email consultations together with Virtual Printer Driver (select the desired amount of months in the form above) or any time later if necessary.

      The cost of our email consultations is 495 EUR per month. After you pay for the service, you can ask questions during the appropriate time period. If you need our support after this period, you can buy it again any time.

      Order Email Consultations…

    3. If I buy a binary version of your driver, can I redistribute it as a part of my software? Do I have to pay for each copy I redistribute with my software?

      Our virtual printers are royalty-free. You can distribute them with your applications without any additional fees.

    4. When do we specify a virtual printer name and other product information?

      After purchase we will ask you about a required printer name, company info and registry settings.

    5. Can I rename the virtual printer in the future?

      No. The printer name is hard-coded. If you rename the printer, it will become inoperative. You can select required printer name when purchase the driver. Within a year after purchase, you can request a free update of your project. If during this period you need to change the virtual printer name, we can do it for you for additional 250 EUR.

    6. We purchased your Virtual Printer several years ago. Do you have a document that explains the functional differences from our version to the newest version?

      Yes. Please take a look at this document.


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