Exif Pilot – embed exif metadata to your panorama photos

Exif Pilot 4.13 with support of editing metadata of panorama photos has been released.

Some time ago Google added a new feature to their set of web based applications recently. Publishing geo located spherical panoramas (aka Photo Spheres) on Views. And Facebook announced support for 360 photos and panoramas. When you upload a 360 photo or panorama, Facebook automatically processes the photo and presents it in an interactive viewer.

To recognize such type of photos upon upload, services look for camera-specific metadata in photos taken using 360-ready cameras. This information is embedded in GPano workspace of photo’s XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) and/or Exif (Exchangeable image file format) tags.

When you edited a 360 photo in an image editor, some maintained metadata may be striped out. And when you share edited photos, Facebook and other services might not recognize them as being 360 photos. To solve this problem, you need to inject the metadata back into the edited file. And you can embed needed metadata for your panorama photos using new version of Exif Pilot editor.

Spherical 360 photos almost always use equirectangular projection. Usually photos must fulfill the following requirements for web services to process them properly. The below is key tags that should be paced in XMP metadata:

  1. Width and height of image. The photo must have a 2:1 aspect ratio, with maximum file dimensions of 6000 x 3000 pixels.
  2. TheXMP tag “ProjectionType=equirectangular”.

Also, Exif Pilot provides additional data for editing. See screnshot for more details:

Add EXIF to panorama photos with Exif Pilot - screenshot

Download the latest version of our Exif Editor and enjoy it. We hope that all your panoramas photos taken from your cameras will be perfect!

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