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Creating and Editing EXIF and IPTC Using Import from XML File

Tags in an XML File

Each tag in an XML file is defined using the following descriptions:

  • Property Tag - name of tag
  • Type - type of tag
  • Count - size of tag
  • Value - value of tag


Export Methods

There are two export methods:

  1. Batch export of EXIF and IPTC information for multiple images recorded in a single file.
  2. Batch export of EXIF and IPTC information for multiple images each recorded in separate files.

You can choose which of the two types of export/import to use. Select the main menu item "Tools"->"Options" tab, then go to "Settings" and select the option under "Export/Import to/from single File".

Export and Import EXIF


Example of Using Import from XML File

For example, to change the FNumber field on number 2.6:

1. Open Exif Pilot and choose the file to change.

2. Go to "Import/Export"->"Export Exif/Iptc to Xml":

Export and Import EXIF


3. As instructed, open the XML File

XML File


and change the value of the FNumber tag.

Edit EXIF value


4. Save the XML File.

5. Go to "Import/Export"->"Import Exif/Iptc to Xml". Choose the file to import.

EXIF Info/Import Exif from XML File


6. The FNumber field has the value 2.6.

Edited EXIF data


To avoid undesirable change of metadata, please, make backup copies of files before editing.


Note that the batch editing is available only with Batch Editing Plug-in...


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