Dictionary of the Exif Tags – EXIF Photo

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Name Tag Description
Aperture The lens aperture (in APEX units).
Brightness The brightness value (in APEX units).
ColorSpace The color space of the image.
CompressedBitsPerPixel The number of bits per pixel in the compressed image.
Contrast The contrast settings applied when images was captured.
CustomRendered Value that indicates that special processing on image was applied.
DateTimeDigitized The date and time when the images was converted into digital representation.
DateTimeOriginal The date and time of the original file was created.
DigitalZoomRatio The digital zoom ratio.
ExifVersion The version of the EXIF specification this data is stored at.
ExposureBias The exposure bias (in APEX units).
ExposureIndex The exposure index of the device when image is being captured.
ExposureMode The exposure mode.
ExposureProgram The exposure program.
ExposureTime The exposure time (in seconds).
Flash The flash status.
FlashEnergy The flash energy (in BCPS).
FlashpixVersion The version of FlashPix format.
FNumber The F number.
FocalLength The focal length of the lens (in millimeters).
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm The focal length of the lens assuming 35mm film camera (in millimeters).
FocalPlaneResolutionUnit The unit to measure focal plane resolution with (i.e. FocalPlaneXResolution and FocalPlaneYResolution).
FocalPlaneXResolution The horizontal resolution of the camera focal plane.
FocalPlaneYResolution The vertical resolution of the camera focal plane.
GainControl The overall image gain adjustment.
ImageUniqueID The 128-bit unique ID of the image.
InteroperabilityIndex The index of interoperability rule.
ISOSpeedRatings The ISO speed and the ISO latitude of the device.
LightSource The light source.
MaxAperture The smallest F of the lens (in APEX units).
MeteringMode The metering mode.
RelatedSoundFile The name of an audio file associated with this image.
Saturation The saturation settings applied when images was captured.
SceneCaptureType The type of scene was captured by camera (landscape, night scene, portrait, etc).
SensingMethod The sensor type of the device.
Sharpness The sharpness settings applied when images was captured.
ShutterSpeed The shutter speed (in APEX units).
SpectralSensitivity The spectral sensitivity.
SubjectArea The subject area.
SubjectDistance The distance to the subject (in meters).
SubjectDistanceRange The kind of distance to the subject (macro, close, or distant).
SubjectLocation The location of the main subject in the scene.
SubSecTime The fractions of seconds for DateTime field.
SubSecTimeDigitized The fractions of seconds for DateTimeDigitized field.
SubSecTimeOriginal The fractions of seconds for DateTimeOriginal field.
UserComment The additional comments or keywords on the image available for users.
WhiteBalance The mode of the white balance when the image was captured.


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