Dictionary of the Exif Tags – EXIF GPS

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Name Tag Description
Altitude Indicates the altitude based on the reference in GPSAltitudeRef. The reference unit is meters.
AltitudeRef Indicates the altitude used as the reference altitude. If the reference is sea level and the altitude is above sea level, 0 is given. If the altitude is below sea level, a value of 1 is given.
DateStamp The GPS datestamp.
DestBearing The bearing to the destination point (in degrees).
DestBearingRef The reference for giving the bearing to the destination point.
DestDistance The distance to the destination point.
DestDistanceRef The unit for distance to the destination point.
DestLatitude The destination point latitude.
DestLatitudeRef The destination point latitude reference (north or south).
DestLongitude The destination point longitude.
DestLongitudeRef The destination point longitude reference (west or east).
Differential The GPS differencial correction.
DOP The GPS data degree of precision.
ImgDirection The direction of the image when it was captured (in degrees).
Aperture The lens aperture (in APEX units)
Latitude Indicates the latitude. The latitude is expressed as three RATIONAL values giving the degrees, minutes, and seconds, respectively.
LatitudeRef Indicates whether the latitude is north or south latitude. The ASCII value ‘N’ indicates north latitude, and ‘S’ is south latitude.
Longitude Indicates the longitude. The longitude is expressed as three values giving the degrees, minutes, and seconds, respectively.
LongitudeRef Indicates whether the longitude is east or west longitude.’E’ indicates east longitude, and ‘W’ is west longitude.
MapDatum The geodetic survey data.
MeasureMode The GPS measurement mode.
Satellites The details about GPS sattelites used in measurement.
Speed The speed of the GPS receiver movement.
SpeedRef The Unit for speed of movement of GPS receiver.
Status The status of GPS receiver when image was recorded.
TimeStamp Indicates the time as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
TrackRef The reference for giving the direction of GPS receiver movement.
VersionID The version of the GPSVersionID tag.


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