Dictionary of the Exif Tags – IPTC General

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Name Tag Description
Byline The name of the creator of the image, e.g. artist, photographer, etc.
BylineTitle The byline title (e.g. staff photographer, correspondent, etc).
Caption The textual description of the image.
Category The image category.
City The city of the image origin.
CopyrightNotice The copyright notice.
Country The country of the image origin.
Credit The provider of the image.
DateCreated The date the image (as an intellectual content, rather than physical file) created.
Headline The brief overview for the image.
Keyword The keywords used for search.
ObjectName The short reference for the object.
OriginalTransmissionReference The location of the original transmission.
Source The original owner of the intellectual content of this image.
SpecialInstructions Some custom editorial instructions.
State The state/province of the image origin.
SupplementaryCategory The supplementary category for the image.
Urgency The editorial urgency of the content.
Writer The name of editor or other person involved in the writing.


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