Form Pilot Virtual Printer

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How to get a document image into the Form Pilot program window

You can print any document to the Form Pilot virtual printer from any application that supports printing. Thus it is possible to convert documents from many formats (PDF, HTML, DOC, XLS, CDR, DWG, TXT, etc.) into a format Form Pilot document (CFP or FDC). The driver of the virtual printer is installed on your system during installation of the application. If you set the Form Pilot printer as the default, instead of printing to your standard printer your document will go to Form Pilot.

To convert your document to a Form Pilot document:

1. Open any document in its original program. Select the Print command in that program. The Print dialog will appear:

How to use Form Pilot virtual printer

2. Select “Form Pilot” as a printer name.

3. Click the “Print” button.

4. A new document containing a raster (graphical) form of the document from your application must appear in Form Pilot.

5. Now you can place text fields in your document and fill out the form with Form Pilot.

Using Form Pilot virtual printer without Having Administrator Rights

To work under a restricted user, the Administrator should set up the following:

  • “List folder contents” and “Read” rights for the “WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\spool\PRINTERS” folder.
  • “List folder contents”, “Read”, “Write”, “Modify” rights for the system temp directory (default “WINDOWS\TEMP”).
  • “Print”, “Manage Printers”, and “Manage Documents” rights for the printer.
  • “Read”, “Write”, “Modify” rights for the “WINDOWS\WIN.INI” file.

Form Pilot virtual printer in our form-filling software

The virtual printer is available with each Form Pilot program.


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