Form Pilot for Mac version history

November 26 2020 :: Version 3.12.0
* Image resizing algorithm has been fixed.

October 09 2020 :: Version 3.11.1
* Qt library is updated. Now the program changes its color scheme depending on the appearance of your system (dark/light).
* Fixed: entering text into Text fileds using the Shift key.
* The installer is now in PKG format.
* Some internal formal changes.

November 15 2019 :: Version 3.11
* The Select All command in the active text field selects all the text.
* Mouse cursor positioning has been fixed.
+ The ability to select text has been added.
* Bug related to reducing the size of the borders of text fields has been added.

September 4 2019 :: Version 3.10
+ The ability to adjust the color of lines for graphic objects has been added.
+ The ability to customize font color for input fields has been added.
* A bug has been fixed related to the display of the name of the form in the form panel.

October 31 2018 :: Version 3.9
* The problem with the font size has been fixed.

September 27 2018 :: Version 3.8
+ The ability to group checkboxes has been added.
+ “Clear Contents” command has been added.

June 6 2018 :: Version 3.7
+ Added a Print property for all objects to enable printing on a preprinted form.

April 19 2018 :: Version 3.6
+ Convertor of documents from Windows version to Mac version has been added. Converting a document from Windows versions is possible in the Form Pilot version for Windows 2.65.
+ Possibility to adjust the character pitch has been added.
+ Possibility to customize the minimum size of the input field.
+ Saving of a program mode and scale in the document has been added.
+ Saving names of objects in the document has been added.
+ Enabling check mark by pressing the Space or Return has been added.
+ Backward traversal of input fields by pressing Shift+Tab has been added.

February 9 2018 :: Version 3.5
+ Turning on transparency for white backgrounds images has been added.

December 8 2017 :: Version 3.4
+ macOS High Sierra support has been added.
* Qt library has been updated.
* Page orientation is forcibly applied to the printer at the time of printing.
* Form Pilot Pro: Paper size is set for all pages of the document at once.

September 10 2015 :: Version 3.3
* Distribution in the form of dmg-file instead of the installer.
* Loading of jpg-files has been fixed.
+ Update object properties in the panel properties.
+ Record of object changes in the undo/redo system.
+ Supported graphic file formats: bmp, cur, dds, gif, icns, ico, jp2, jpeg, jpg, mng, pbm, pgm, png, ppm, svg, svgz, tga, tif, tiff, wbmp, webp, xbm, xpm.
+ The form “Printer test” has been added to the panel “Forms”.

February 4 2014 :: Version 3.2
+ The tools Checkmark, Line, Rectangle have been added
+ The Form Filling mode has been added.
+ The Highlight Fields option has been added.
+ Form Pilot Pro version has been released.

January 9 2014 :: Version 3.1.1
* Some bugs were fixed.

December 17 2013 :: Version 3.1
+ Initial version

April 17 2012 :: Version 0.5
* Program interface is improved;
+ Mac OS X 10.5 or higher support added.

August 28 2007 :: Version 1.26
+ Large and complex documents load faster;
+ You can remove redundant data from documents (see “Compact Document” in the “Utilities” menu);
* Older PDF documents now load properly;
+ Print to PDF and export to graphic formats have been optimized;
* Minor problems with the custom completion lists have been fixed.

August 20 2007 :: Version 1.25
+ Rulers have been added;
+ A read-only state has been introduced for text objects;
+ User interface has been slightly improved.

August 9 2007 :: Version 1.24
* Database engine has been cleaned and optimized;
* Delete Record command sometimes failed to function, now it is fixed;
* Zoom support was improved.

August 1 2007 :: Version 1.23
+ Zoom of the contents of the working window was implemented;
* Printing support enhancement: By default, no pages are added automatically in the horizontal direction of the document;
+ Printing support enhancement: A preference setting allows the addition of horizontal pages;
+ Printing support enhancement: More precise page dimension control? Fast form rotation to several specific angles was added;
* Fast page navigation? Improved database support.

July 17 2007 :: Version 1.22
+ Internal Database support has been added;
+ Two new tools, checkmark and free hand curve, have been added;
+ You can now make the text field borders visible. The borders don’t add to the print out;
* Problems with some toolbar commands have been fixed;
* Multi-page support has once again been improved.

April 6 2007 :: Version 1.21
* Occasionally Form Pilot failed to properly open multi-page documents, it has been fixed;
* Unexpected blank pages were added to print outs, not any more;
* Multi-line alignment issues have been cured;
* Page set up problems have gone;
+ Text fields did not accept characters with diacritical marks, now they do;
+ One-step export into a graphic file has been added, with most of popular graphic formats supported;
+ Number of pages in documents is now user controllable.

March 28 2007 :: Version 1.20.01
* There was a bug in the printing system, now it is fixed.

March 12 2007 :: Version 1.20
+ Template support added;
+ Lock/Unlock support added;
+ All kinds of graphic and PDF files may be opened from both, “Open” and “Import” command;
* All support for operating systems older than Mac OS 10.4 has been removed; resulting in a faster code;
* Documentation has been rewritten;
* Many smaller changes have been introduced.

January 16 2007 :: Version 1.19
* Scanner and custom completion have been improved;
* Setting of default text style was redefined and made easier;
* A bug with text styles support has been fixed.

December 28 2006 :: Version 1.18
+ Scanner support has been extended. Form Pilot 1.18 can now work with all scanners with TWAIN support, connected via USB;
* The custom word completion option has been improved.
* The “Tools” panel undergone significant changes: When a tool is selected with a single click, it will automatically switch back to the “Arrow” tool after creating a single element; When a tool is selected with a double click, the tool will remain active until the user selects another tool. It is possible to keep the old pre-1.18 tools selection method. In order to do so, user should choose “Preferences” item from the “Form Pilot” menu and check the relevant checkbox;
* Form Pilot 1.18 was only tested with Mac OS 10.4 and higher. It will only partially function with 10.3.9 or an earlier version.

December 14 2006 :: Version 1.17
+ Users may now type a partial word in a text field and press the “Escape” or “F5” key to get the list of all possible completions (Word Completion);
+ Users may add to the lists of completions their custom abbreviations, words, names and even phrases;
* Mac OS 10.4 and higher is strongly recommended, although the product still works with Mac OS 10.3.9. The 1.17 is probably the last version of Form Pilot that works with Mac OS 10.3.9.

November 24 2006 :: Version 1.16
+ The direct scanner support is added;
* The Tools and Inspector panels sometimes eclipsed the other windows, that has been fixed;
* Printing support of very large documents has been fixed;
* Support of larger multi-page PDF documents has been optimized;
* Form Pilot 1.16 should still be compatible with Mac OS 10.3.9, though Mac OS 10.4 or higher is strongly recommended.

October 23 2006 :: Version 1.15
* Some (relatively rare) fonts inside the PDF documents did not render properly, it has been fixed;
+ The “Duplicate” functionality is added;
* The user interface is improved;
* Form Pilot 1.15 is still compatible with Mac OS 10.3.9.

September 19 2006 :: Version 1.14
* The “blurry text” problem is fixed. (Smaller text in some forms appeared “blurry” when printed or previewed);
+ It is possible to resize the main window now;
* Sometimes Form Pilot “ate away” portions of the form when printing. This problem has been fixed, too;
* We started to change the user interface. Tools palette became brighter, its enabled items do not look as disabled any more;
* We are still compatible with Mac OS 10.3.9

August 3 2006 :: Version 1.13
* Sometimes Form Pilot refused to print the user data and printed a blank page instead. Now it’s fixed;
* Import/Change Form commands are now both in the Objects menu and in the File menu. Some of you wrote us that the File menu would be a better place for these commands;
* The switch “Include Form in Printing” has been added to the File menu. Some of you wrote us, that it is not enough to provide access to that switch only in the toolbar, in the Preferences panel and in the Form Pilot section of the Settings popup menu in the Print Setup Panel;
* We are still compatible with Mac OS 10.3.9. Some of menus now differ from the corresponding illustrations in the HELPs, but since we did not take anything away, we decided to leave the HELPs intact.

July 7 2006 :: Version 1.12
+ It is possible now to switch between the text fields by pressing Tab (moving “forward”) and Shift-Tab (“backward”);
+ Double clicking on a text field now opens it in any mode;
+ It is possible to start editing the first (the one that is the topmost and the leftmost in the window) by clicking the tab-keycap twice;
* Redesigned in accordance with the Macintosh User Interface Guide;
* Useless menu commands have been removed;
+ Some of the most useful commands are duplicated in the menus;
* We think that now the menus are more logical… Is it so?
+ We duplicated the most useful commands in the toolbar, too;
+ Now the “Open…” command from the “File” menu allows to open many graphic files formats (JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF and some other). The content of such a file becomes the FORM of the new document;
+ To insert a multipage pdf file as a form, use “Import Form” (when there is another form already, the command changes to “Change Form” in both, the “Graphics” menu and in the toolbar). No other kinds of multipage documents are currently supported. DO NOT ROTATE MULTIPAGE FORMS;
* We moved “Insert Image” command to another menu, named “Graphics”;
+ It allows to insert most of the known graphic formats;
* New HELPs;
* Many of the other bugs and peculiarities have been fixed.

October 14 2005 :: Version 1.10
+ Now you can fill in .PDF forms as well.

February 3 2005 :: Version 1.00
+ Original Version.


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