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Fill out paper forms with the Form Pilot form-fillers


Form Pilot software allow you to fill out paper forms on your computer instead of using a typewriter.

You just scan your form directly from the program, get the form image on the screen, and fill out the form by simply typing where you need to have the form filled out. If you do not have a scanner, just bring the scanned form image from another computer.

Filling out forms, you can:

√ Use fonts of different size and colors;
√ Rotate text, insert pictures, checkmarks, lines and geometrical figures;
√ Enhance the outlook of the form itself by removing color casts;
√ Erase unnecessary fields.

After you have completed your form input, you can save it to your hard drive or a CD, print it out for mailing, or open it and change something if you need to. You may use preprinted forms (just the text will be printed out) or blank paper to create your completed form.

The program is very useful for students. It also helps children who have handwriting problems and people with dysgraphia.

But I haven't got a typewriter! - form-filling comics Wow! Jessica recently told me about Form Pilot! - form-filling comics First I'll scan the form. - form-filling comics
You can scan your form anywhere you want; all you need is the image file! Open the image of the form in Form Pilot. - form-filling comics Fill in the form on the screen. - form-filling comics
Now, I have to print it out! - form-filling comics The form is complete, ready to file or mail! - form-filling comics Hi! My name is Ron. I need to fill out this form! - form-filling comics

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