How to create fillable forms for your customers in Form Pilot Office

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Form Pilot Office allows you create forms and receive data from clients who complete these forms in the free Filler Pilot.

Let us assume that a customer of your company is required to fill in a form, forward it to your company, and keep a copy for her/himself. Acrobat Reader alone would not do the job, since it does not allow a user to save the changes in the form.

Form Pilot Office offers you a solution. For example, you have the following form:

1. Print a document from its program (PDF, HTML, DOC, XLS, CDR, DWG, TXT formats) to the Form Pilot Office virtual printer. The document will appear in Form Pilot Office as shown:

2. Create the fields for your customers to fill in:

3. Save the document in *.cfp format (menu File | Save as…) and send it to your customers by email or publish it on your site.

4. Your customers will be able to open the document with a special free program called Filler Pilot:

5. The customers will be able to fill in the fields that you created:

6. Your customers will be able to save the form (menu File | Save as…) and return a copy to you.

7. When you get the form, you can import the data to the internal database of one document, specially selected for data collecting (File | Import from Document…).

Also, you can export data from this document to an external database.

This is ideal solution for companies that have many employees or partners.

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Form Pilot:       Main Page       Features       Download       Order       Tutorial       FAQ       News