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# Posted: 20 Jan 2011 14:42

I'm new to the product and I have a quick question that I didn't see answered in the forums.

This may seem simple but I need to know how to set page margins. I have a multi-page table but I want it to still leave a certain margin around itself when it spans.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

# Posted: 24 Jan 2011 05:07

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your request.

Could you please specify the program name?

Anastasiya Bednaya
Two Pilots

# Posted: 24 Jan 2011 08:40

yes, of course. I'm using PDF Creator pilot. I've worked around it so far by calculating the height of the table row, determining how many i can fit on one page and then drawing each table row myself and handling the call to .newPage() but was wondering if there was something in place already that would just set the margins?


# Posted: 25 Jan 2011 13:31

Hello Jason,
no, PDF Creator Pilot does not set any margins. But you may try to use new feature for tables: DFDocument4/Tables.html
This might be helpful for you.

Max Filimonov,

# Posted: 31 Jan 2011 10:09

Thanks Max,
I think I've come up with a rather nice way of doing it by calculating the space remaining and drawing row one at a time, etc. I must say this is a really nice product. I think my company has now purchased it.




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