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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / Unicode carachters in VirtualPrinterDriver
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# Posted: 18 Aug 2011 10:58

I have another problem. How can i set utf-8 encoding for document name? If document name has "č??đ" it displays square. The FillInfo() function returns strange characters.

I tried to set "sb.Append(Encoding.ASCII.GetChars(bytebuf));" to Encoding.UTF8 but with no luck.

Do you have any Idea?

# Posted: 18 Aug 2011 10:59

I managed to display this caracters by setting the Encoding to Encoding.Default at
"// show the print job (document) name:
Win32.GetPrivateProfileStringA("Document", "Name", "", bytebuf, 512, _sInputIniFilePath);

But this is not working if I create a file with a cyrillic name. When I create a file like "даклсдоши.txt" the virtual printer driver converts it to something like "????????.txt". This is also visible in the *.INI file of the print, so I can't do nothing on my side.

Do I have to have Windows with Cyrillic keyboard and other regional settings set to Cyrillic??

Please help.

# Posted: 20 Aug 2011 07:17

change system locale to "Russia" or smth else for non-unicode symbols.




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