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# Posted: 19 Sep 2011 02:09

I need a PDF library that can merge multiple PDF's and that allows me to 'fix'the page numbering.I'll need to iterate through each page, search for the page number (Text is "Page" in the lower right corner o the page) and remove it. I then need to add new page numbers.

Is this possible using this library?

I'm seeing plenty of information on mreging the documents and adding text, but I can't see anything obvious about searching for text within a page or for removing text.

I plan on downloading the evaluation cop, just as soon as my tech department sort out the permissions!

# Posted: 19 Sep 2011 07:38


With help of PDF Creator Pilot you may merge multiple PDF's. But you can't edit the page numbering,

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Artem Golubnichenko

Two Pilots

# Posted: 19 Sep 2011 09:19

No problem, thanks.

I've thrown together a test application and have taken the cheap and nasty approach of adding a white rectangle over the old page number and adding fresh page numbers over the top of that.

Have to say, it proved to be far easier than I expected. I need to do some printing tests to make sure that the box and text print properly (then I have to review the 251 Crystal Reports files to make sure they put the page number in a consistent place) and I'm done.




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