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Iker Celorrio
# Posted: 8 Feb 2005 08:43

I was evaluating the PDF Creator Pilot, and with the evaluation license "demo@demo","demo" i change the documentinfo properties, and it was not posible to change the producer and application labels. ithonk This was ok because it was an evaluation license .

Today i have my really good pursached license. But the application label, and the producer label is PDF Creator Pilot. I change the property DocumentInfo_Producer to a String ("Izaro Black") but it is not on the PDF Document Properties

What must i do to change the PDF Produceer Labeled Text?
And What must i do to chante the Application Labeled Text?

Best Regards
Iker Celorrio

Iker Celorrio
# Posted: 8 Feb 2005 08:51

Sorry, i just read this on the documentation:
IMPORTANT NOTE: To use this property in registered version of the library you have to have additional Application License

OK, i cant to change the Producer Label, but... how i can change the Application Labeled Text?

# Posted: 14 Feb 2005 17:08

Hi Iker,

Currently, it's not possible, but we are planning to add this feature in the next several days.



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