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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / HTML2PDF crash (insufficient memory)
Author Message
# Posted: 18 Nov 2005 19:31

I am testing the integration of HTML2PDF in a software (visual basic 6). It works fine the first time i call it, but the second time I call the function (without shuting down Visual Basic) I got an error : "Insuficient memory"

Not long after that, visual basic environment also crash

NOTE : i still have 20 Go free on c drive

Thomas P.

Here is the code of the function :

Dim PDF As piPDFDocument
Dim html As HTML2PDF2
Dim RecordFileName As String

RecordFileName = "c:\dev\t12"
RecordFileName2 = RecordFileName & "1"

' create pdf library object
Set PDF = New piPDFDocument
' initialize PDF Engine
PDF.StartEngine "demo@demo", "demo"
' set AutoLaunch flag to TRUE to automatically open the generated pdf generation
'PDF.AutoLaunch = True
PDF.FileName = RecordFileName2
' start document generation
Set html = New HTML2PDF2

' initialize HTML engine
html.StartHTMLEngine "", ""
' connect to PDF Creator Pilot instance
html.ConnectToPDFLibrary PDF
' load HTML file from URL
html.LoadHTMLFile RecordFileName
' convert whole HTML document into PDF
' disconnect from PDF Creator Pilot instance

Set html = Nothing
' finalize PDF generation
Set PDF = Nothing

Before launching this function,I check that no file are in dev folder

# Posted: 18 Nov 2005 20:44

Dear Thomas,

Please send us your html file in zip archive using our support form.

Thank you very much !

Best regards,
Two Pilots

# Posted: 30 Nov 2005 21:44

Error is still here with new 3.1 version

Symptoms are :
it always works first time, with simple or very complex HTML files
and it always crashes after the second or third execution.

I tested with html file and html string

I am running a dll activx called by an ASP page in IIS.

# Posted: 1 Dec 2005 11:39

Dear Thomas,

Please send us log. It is located here
C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Application Data\Two Pilots\HTML2PDF Add-on\Log.txt

Thank you very much !

Best regards,
Two Pilots

# Posted: 1 Feb 2006 17:36

we see the same issues as well. if we convert documents in a mulithreaded environment we have problems if we convert several documents in a loop. Maybe at the 60' Documents we get an COM Exception while calling Convertpage()

do you have an solution for this?

# Posted: 1 Feb 2006 18:28


Please download latest libraries.

Thank you very much !

Best regards,
Two Pilots

# Posted: 7 Aug 2008 20:52




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