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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / Redistribution on Windows 98
Author Message
# Posted: 23 Jan 2006 18:48

Hi, when we redistribute the PDF Creator Pilot DLL ( and try to register it with our installer tool (Setup Factory 7.0) we get an error:

The procedure entry point VarNot could not be located in the dynamic link library oleaut32.dll

This is on a Windows 98 (first edition) test system. Installing IE 4.0 and then installing does not seem to help either.

And the installation fails because of this. What is the minimum version of COM that this ActiveX needs to register properly?

# Posted: 23 Jan 2006 19:51


You need to install this -4DB7-BEB6-84FF99342172&displaylang=en

Thank you very much !

Best regards,
Two Pilots



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