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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / html2pdf Add on : Invalid cast exception
Author Message
# Posted: 22 Sep 2006 00:42


I am trying to use the new HTML2PDF creation library ... And find this error ...

When I compile and run on my development computer, it converts HTML to PDF correctly.
However, when I install my application on another computer ... It causes an "invalid cast exception" in HTML2PDF2.ConnectToPDFLibrary()

To further test, I have manually copied the html2pdf.dll, PDFCreatorPilot3.dll, Interop.HTML2PDFAddOn.dll, Interop.PDFCreatorPilot3Lib.dll to the target computer's app folder, windowssystem32 folder as well as manually regsvr32 registered the html2pdf.dll and pdfcreatorpilot3.dll
But still same error.

Quick reply appreciated.


# Posted: 25 Sep 2006 16:56

Dear Vinit,

Please download latest versions of the libraries.

Best regards,
Two Pilots



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