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# Posted: 6 Feb 2007 10:16

Occasionally, when a pdf is printed from Acrobat Reader, some or all of the text becomes completely garbled. The characters are all replaced with other, incorrect characters. The document appears correct when viewed on-screen in Acrobat Reader but prints incorrectly.

If only part of the document prints correctly, it's always the first part. By that I mean, it never starts out garbled then begins printing correctly. The problem affects either all of the document or only the later part.

Graphics such as lines and circles do not seem to be affected.

This problem has occurred in two separate VB programs on at least two machines. It has only occurred with pdf documents created by PDF Creator Pilot.

PDFs are being created in VB 6 SP 6 using PDFCreatorPilot3 1.0. Acrobat Reader 7.0. Windows XP SP 2. Printing to HP Laserjet 5si.

# Posted: 7 Feb 2007 04:54


Version 3.2 of the PDF Creator Pilot will be released soon (maybe today) - please try to test using 3.2

Best regards,
Two Pilots



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