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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / How can I add custom paper size ?
Author Message
# Posted: 5 Apr 2007 03:22

I want to add custom paper size's to Virtual Printer Driver.
I know it can be done manually by users but I want to have
it built in when the driver is installed.

Please let me know how I can do it ?

Thanks in advance,


# Posted: 9 Apr 2007 22:56

We can hardcode any count of custom paper sizes in your virtual printer. You also can add new paper sizes programmatically. We'll provide a souce code sample and any assistance.

# Posted: 11 Apr 2007 03:04

I integrated sample sorce code attached to Vittual Printer Driver into my code.

The functions FillPapers(), SetPrinterPaper() ... are great.
They worked fine.





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