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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / Forms With Lines, NewPath and Fill donot work
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Iker Celorrio
# Posted: 11 Apr 2007 09:35 · Edited by: Iker Celorrio


I am trying hard the v3.3 and i found another exception.

In my reports i continuously draw poligons, a lot of them are rectangles but not all, and i use the "Paths" to make my poligons and Fill it without Stroke it to draw them...

It works perfect on version 2.2, but ... the lib 2.2 do not work on windows vista, it is?

@Stanislav: please, what you want to send me , send to gmail acount (on my forum settings) thaks. I do not know why your emails never arrive on my enterprise email account.

I isolate the problem and the example.vbs is this:
' create pdf library object
'Set PDF = CreateObject("PDFCreatorPilot3.PDFDocument3")
Set PDF = CreateObject("PDFCreatorPilot2.piPDFDocument")
' initialize PDF Engine
PDF.StartEngine "", "DEMO"
' Set AutoLaunch property to TRUE to automatically launch PDF Reader
PDF.AutoLaunch = true
PDF.FileName = "HelloPDF_VBS.pdf"
' start document generation
' draw "HELLO, PDF" message on the current PDF page
PDF.PDFPAGE_SetActiveFont "Courier New", True, False, False, False, 14, 0
PDF.PDFPAGE_TextOut 10, 20, 0, "C?digo Espa?ol Espa?a"
PDF.PDFPAGE_SetActiveFont "Courier New", True, False, False, False, 14, 1
PDF.PDFPAGE_TextOut 10, 60, 0, "C?digo Espa?ol Espa?a"

Call PDF.PDFPAGE_NewPath()
Call PDF.PDFPAGE_MoveTo(100, 100)
Call PDF.PDFPAGE_LineTo(100, 150)
Call PDF.PDFPAGE_LineTo(150, 150)
Call PDF.PDFPAGE_LineTo(150, 100)
Call PDF.PDFPAGE_LineTo(100, 100)
Call PDF.PDFPAGE_ClosePath()
Call PDF.PDFPAGE_SetRGBColorFill(1.0, 0.5, 0.0)

' finalize document generation
' disconnect from library
Set PDF = Nothing

Iker Celorrio
# Posted: 11 Apr 2007 09:37

2nd Question:

In Version 2.2, the Second Line of Text, that uses the DEFAULT charset works, and on 3.3 not. Changing the charset from systemdefault to ansi works, but i don't know if it is correct

# Posted: 11 Apr 2007 10:28

Dear Iker,

It seems like the default charset in your system is not ansi, that's because you should set it to render text properly.

Best regards,
Two Pilots



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