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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / CMYK and TIFF problem for print
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# Posted: 4 Oct 2007 14:29

I need to create a document pdf that contains images and texts in way of colors CMYK for print intentions.
All the images that are added in document pdf are in formats "TIFF".

The problem arose from which when I create document pdf using your library "PDFCreatorPilot "does not take it like a device CMYK but RGB.

I can visualize the colors by channels with "Adobe Professional Acrobat" or "Photoshop".

I realized that when selecting the pre-visualization by device my textual and graphical content made in level programming correctly does the separation of channel of colors CMYK using PDFPAGE_SetCMYKColor (x, x, x, x), but the added ones using AddImageFromFile ("arte.tif", itcFlate) take them like device RGB, whose consequence distributes the colors in the different channels from incorrect form.

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