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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / PDFCreator Failed / Not Able to Generate PDF doc
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# Posted: 19 Dec 2007 19:07

We have just buy PDFCreatorLib 3.8 and HTML2PDF 3.8. Below code is in aspx page.
When I am running my project from VS2005 in debug mode it is able to genrate PDF document and shows PDF into new window.
Devlopment machine has windows XP professional OS.

1) If Same application access using virtual directory path It is not able generate
PDF document and open a new window.
2) When I am moving to 2003 Server Is not able to generate PDF document.
Page executes without any error.
3) Is there any Diagnostic utility So I can debug what is an issue?

Please reply asap.

************************************************** *************************************
//' create pdf library object
PDFCreatorPilot3Lib.PDFDocument3Class objPdf = new PDFCreatorPilot3Lib.PDFDocument3Class();
//' initialize PDF Engine
objPdf.StartEngine(username, pwd);
//' set AutoLaunch flag to TRUE to automatically open the generated pdf generation
objPdf.AutoLaunch = true;
objPdf.FileName = "form104.pdf";
HTML2PDFAddOn.HTML2PDF2Class objHtm = new HTML2PDFAddOn.HTML2PDF2Class();
objHtm.AutoAdjustContentWidth = true;
//' initialize HTML engine
objHtm.StartHTMLEngine(userName, pwd);
//' connect to PDF Creator Pilot instance
//' load HTML string with external image
objHtm.LoadHTMLString(this.ltForm.Text, "");
//' convert whole HTML document into PDF
//' disconnect from PDF Creator Pilot instance
objHtm = null;
//' finalize PDF generation
************************************************** ********************************



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