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Author Message
# Posted: 10 Nov 2004 17:08

I am trying to get the HelloPDF.ASP page to work on my development machine, which is Windows XP running IIS 5.1. The first line of code, Set PDF = CreateObject("PDFCreatorPilot2.piPDFDocument"), keeps bombing with the error message (in a message box) The instruction at "(memory location)" referenced memory at "(memory location"). The memory could not be written.

I need to demo this functionality before I can justify to my boss to buy this product. Let me know if you can help....thanks
Rob Combis

# Posted: 10 Nov 2004 17:49

Dear Rob,

Thank you for writing us!

Do you have Service Pack 2 installed on your machine? If so then I will contact you with the link to new beta version

# Posted: 10 Nov 2004 17:51

Yes, I do have service pack 2 on my machine. My machine is the development web server.

The production web server is a windows 2000 server machine.

So please send me the link for the beta version.

Rob Combis

# Posted: 10 Nov 2004 17:55

Please check e-mail for link to new version of DLL..

Thank you!



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