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Author Message
# Posted: 5 Nov 2008 15:46

I have HTML2PDf v1 and PDFCreatorPilot v2.7. I've been told this does not support UNICODE 8 bit and I am trying to be able to support Spanish language text when converting HTML to pdf. Do I need to upgrade one or both of my dlls?

If we already have an earlier version is there a way to upgrade or must we purchase the new version?


# Posted: 5 Nov 2008 22:23

Hello Fredericl,
write us using our online support form ("Write Us" tab)
and tell us you registration data. I think we could offer you an upgrade.

Max Filimonov

# Posted: 6 Nov 2008 08:08

Excellent! I will get right to that.


# Posted: 13 Nov 2008 15:31

Max, I've sent along what I think is our reg information via the support form last week but have yet to hear anything. Please let me know how the process is coming along and if I did indeed send along the correct information. We are trying to find out ASAP whether or not we will be able to make this translation with Spanish language characters so any information you could give us would be great!


# Posted: 13 Nov 2008 23:29

Our manager answered to your message. Didn't you get a response?
The message was:

Dear Frederick,

Thank you for your letter.

The term of your free upgrade (12 months) has expired.
You bought PDF Creator Pilot on 12/06/2004.

We have reorganized our license plans.
Being a registered user of our program entitles you to a 70% discount
on any PDF Creator Pilot and HTML2PDF Add-on licenses.
You can find detail description of new licenses and choose the most
appropriate new licenses here:
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance regarding
ordering process.

Also feel free to ask us any technical questions, all of them will be
answered by our technical support managers.

Olga Nizovtseva
Two Pilots

# Posted: 14 Nov 2008 09:25

Gah! Forgot to check my junk box. Thanks for the help Max, we'll be getting back to you when we decide what to do with this information.




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