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# Posted: 3 Jan 2007 01:12


We are starting the new project - Flash Editor Pilot.
Could you please help us with ideas?

Olga Panchenko
Two Pilots

# Posted: 2 Apr 2007 19:48


the base features of one Flash Editor, should include many drawing tools,like selection, subselection, line, lasso, insert bitmap, text, oval, rectangle, pencil, brush, free transform, ink bottle, paint bucket, eyedropper and eraser. In addition, it supports layers and gradient fills as well as intersection, union and difference operations on objects. Combine and manipulate text, images and shapes with your flash tool.

good luck

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# Posted: 6 Apr 2007 14:29

Recently we started to think about a simple flash editor. Dad had problems
with Macromedia Flash and complained why Two Pilots Software does not ship a
program like that.

Once it was absolutely necessary that he created a flash. He had to study a
fat manual all night to do that. It would be great if we had a simple flash
editor capable to easily create an unpretentious animation. I am sure that
our kids would be happy to have such a program, too. Macromedia Flash is
quite expensive, it demands a lot of resources from the computer, and it
comes with such fat manuals... Macromedia Flash is intended for animation
professionals, who use it every day.

We would like to create a greeting card. All of our kinsmen and friends have
access to the web. We often congratulate each other by sending greeting
mails. An original greeting card with nice pictures would be much fancier.
However, it would take too much time to create such a greeting card
with a help of Macromedia Flash...


# Posted: 9 Jul 2007 15:07


I agree with you that Adobe (Macromedia) Flash editor is expensive and comes with fat manuals, but my advice is to either find an already made tool or just search for simple flash tutorials on Google. You will find some good one.

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# Posted: 17 Aug 2007 11:16

Would love to see a flash editor that isn't so complex a FLASH itself. Looking forward to your development. (Please hurry). Thanks,

# Posted: 16 Dec 2007 21:57


Would you make it so that you can open .fla files. Here are some examples of templates I would like to use, but can't because Adobe Flash CS3 is so expensive. That would be so great if you could do that! PLEASE.

# Posted: 19 Dec 2007 16:29

Where can I download the software?



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