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Two Pilots forum / Other products and questions / Type Pilot On Vista?
Author Message
# Posted: 22 Mar 2007 23:13

I'm using type pilot on vista, but it won't work...

I create abbreviations, but when I type them in, it doesn't do anything...

Is this a Vista glitch?



# Posted: 26 Mar 2007 14:48

Type Pilot didn't work, but "Nagarsoft direct access" worked great.

# Posted: 27 Mar 2007 15:57

We tested Type Pilot on Vista. The program works correctly.
Please contact us via support form and
provide more details.

Katerina Zhdanova
Two Pilots

# Posted: 28 Mar 2007 02:52

In some cases may be required the rerunning of the program or the rebooting of the computer. If the phrase isn't being typed in after installation of the program, reboot the computer.

# Posted: 30 May 2007 14:46

Type Pilot will not work on a Vista machine when I am filling out a form online using IE7 which it used to do on XP. It does work fine using other programs on Vista.

# Posted: 31 May 2007 13:25

Thanks for the suggestion on Nagarsoft direct access. It works great in Vista. Sure wish Type Pilot or Speed Pilot did.



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