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Two Pilots forum / Other products and questions / TypePilot as a portable app
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# Posted: 28 May 2007 16:39

I use TypePilot mainly for answering customer service emails and I am starting to travel more so I have Firebird and Firefox loaded on a USB drive so I can just plug in to other people's computers and catch up on my emails. I would love to be able to run this program from a USB drive as a portable app as well, is that possible?


# Posted: 7 Jun 2007 07:03

You need install Type Pilot on each computer because it is not possible to run this program from a USB drive.

Here our License:

1. Install and use one copy of the Product only on a single computer. This
copy is to be used exclusively by a single user at a time. You will need to
purchase a new license for each additional computer or user. If you want to
install and use the copy in the network (on computer file server) you need
to purchase an additional license for all computers with access to this
2. Make one copy of the Product for archive or backup purposes.
3. Install one copy of the Product on your portable computer but for your
individual use only.
4. Transfer the Product to someone else, only if you assign all of your
rights under this License, cease all use of the Product, erase or destroy
any copy(ies) (including the hard disk copy) made in support of your use of
the Product, and ensure that the other person agrees to the terms of this

I.E. You must be exclusively a single user of this copy at a time, and you need erase or destroy any copy(ies) after change-over from one computer to the next computer.

Two Pilots.

# Posted: 12 Jun 2007 11:31

So I guess you have no plans to develop a portable version? That is too bad, I guess I will be switching to PhraseExpress.




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