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Two Pilots forum / Other products and questions / Type Pilot BUG with some language characters
Author Message
# Posted: 13 Oct 2007 11:14

Type Pilot interferes with all my pc keyboard and disables some characters - IN ALL WINDOWS applications

When Type pilot is running I cannot write (in word or notepad as example) characters in my PC like:
?, ?

I turn off type pilot (as i just did to type this message) and all works ok. Happens in all computers with Portuguese and Brazilian keyboard

# Posted: 15 Oct 2007 13:07

Do you mean Type Pilot or Speed Typing?
What OS do you use?

Katerina Zhdanova

# Posted: 1 Nov 2007 06:41


Type Pilot - I guess Type Pilot hooks my keyboard and "messes up" with some letters.
This is a big problem because type pilot propagates this behavior to ALL MY APPLICATIONS

a few notes : problem is with uppercase accented letters... AND ... found it now... it happens ONLY WHEN SHIFT IS PRESSED (to upper case)
examples: ??... and so on....

So to write ?... I need to press SHIFT and simultaneously (ACCENT followed by letter A)

of course i found it now : I can press CAPS LOCK ON - type my letter and then CAPS LOCK OFF.... but I dont want to do this in MY ALL applications just because type pilot :)

Hope it helps development team to fix the problem.

thank you

# Posted: 10 Nov 2007 03:25

Is this problem only with UPPERCASE accented letters? And with
lowercase accented letters there is no any problem?

Katerina Zhdanova
Two Pilots

# Posted: 17 Nov 2007 12:22

yes of course!
as I said it happens only when i press SHIFT KEY to uppercase the letter.

example: to write the letter "?" i have to press the "?" key then I release the key and I press the shift key + "A" key simultaneously. got it? In this scenario type pilot does not work and propagates this to all windows applications as it hooks the keyboard (I guess)

# Posted: 2 Jan 2008 06:40

Same here, with greek language.

The difference is that in greek language case, we don't use SHIFT - we press : and then the letter that needs an accent.

The problem is that pressing : and the letter, i get trying to get , i get

(it doesent matter witch method (clipboard or keyboard i use)

Fine program, but its not usable while having this error...

# Posted: 10 May 2008 11:49

any update on this BIG issue?
I remember that is not just a type pilot annoyance... it hooks the keyboard and extends the bug to all the programs

Thank You

# Posted: 23 May 2008 08:19


Can you please help us resolve your issues by answering some questions?
Please download and install new version of Type Pilot 2.81.
We changed vastly the algorithm of program.
If the mistake has remained, please describe the manifestations and the input medium.

Katerina Zhdanova

jorge torres
# Posted: 1 Aug 2008 10:36

I have an issue, I cant use numbers for the speed typing



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