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Two Pilots forum / Other products and questions / Bug in Annotation Pilot with "Multiple Captures"
Author Message
# Posted: 5 Feb 2008 13:04

When "Multiple Captures" is selected, the following capture methods no longer work when they are activated from the traymenu:

Menu Under Cursor
Mouse Cursor
Active Client

How to reproduce:

1. Start Annotation Pilot.
2. Close every captured document in Annotation Pilot.
3. Minimize Annotation Pilot to the tray.
4. Rightclick on the trayicon and select "Multiple Captures" in the traymenu.
5. Open the Annotation Pilot window again and close every captured document again.
6. Minimize Annotation Pilot to the tray.
7. Now rightclick trayicon and select "Menu Under Cursor" in the traymenu.
8. Click on the window/object/menu that you want to capture.
9. Hit the F11 key.
10. Open the Annotation Pilot Window again.
11. Nothing has been captured!

To reproduce the problem for the other 2 capture methods, please repeat steps 7 to 11.

# Posted: 18 Feb 2008 00:42

Dear ruudboek,

Thank you for your letter.

I'm sorry, Annotation Pilot is not supported now.
Please use commands on the Capture Tools toolbar, don't use the tray menu.

Best regards,
Two Pilots



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