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Two Pilots forum / Other products and questions / Virtual Printer Pilot, Sharing & Type of Printer?
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# Posted: 15 Nov 2008 14:36

We have several computers with windows only printers (GDI type)
on our network. We have several machines which are Linux and
Ubuntu. We can not print on the windows GDI printers because
there is no CUPS PPD file support for these models. (Sharp AL1641cs)

We would like to know if your virtual printer driver can be shared
on the network like other windows printers?

What type of printer does the virtual printer emulate? Would it
be one of the type which we can get Linux drivers for on the Linux
end when we add them as printers?

This would be a great help,

Thanks in advance,
Marc Y.

# Posted: 16 Nov 2008 02:57 · Edited by: Stanislav

Dear Marc,

Our driver is pure Windows EMF-based, i don't think you can use it under Linux.

Best regards,
Two Pilots



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