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Two Pilots forum / Other products and questions / Sound Pilot sounds in XP
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# Posted: 24 Jul 2009 21:30

I can get typing sounds in Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc., but I do not get typing sounds in Windows Explorer, Notepad, and other "native" Windows XP applications. Is this the way Sound Pilot works? Is there a setting in Windows that I need to change? Thanks.

# Posted: 28 Jul 2009 03:15

There can be a few causes of the problem. For example, after a Windows
update, some security program may be installed in your system. That program
may block any keyboard interceptor like Sound Pilot.
Could you please turn off Sound Pilot and then turn on the program again?
Rightclick on program icon in system tray and select "Exit" in pop-up menu
to turn off Sound Pilot.

Anastasiya Bednaya
Two Pilots



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